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Dream.In.Code Summer of API - Winners

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Today we are excited to announce the winners of the Dream.In.Code Summer of API contest. Although we didn't have that many entries, some of them were the result of hard work and are really useful in day-to-day Dream.In.Code usage.

And here they are:

1st place:
H3R3T1C - Dream.In.Code for Android...
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #5

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In this episode of the Dream.In.Code podcast I am talking to CTphpnwb (Chris Toohey) about general software development, programming approaches, frameworks, PHP and code reuse.

You can listen to the podcast directly:
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Reputation Badges

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We know that you like badges. So from now on, the better your reputation, the cooler the badge. Well, it's hard to define 'cool' but you can now hunt for a new badge once you hit a specific reputation limit.

The badges and their reputation thresholds are presented below:

Image reduced in size 0 - 29

Image reduced in size 30 - 99

Image reduced in size 100 - 499

Image reduced in size 500 - 999

Image reduced in size ...
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Oh not again! Homework?

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Image reduced in size...
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #4

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And today we've got a new episode for the Dream.In.Code podcast. I am talking to Dogstopper (Stephen Schwahn) about the preparation for a career in software development, high school programs and tools.

You can listen to the podcast directly:
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A Brief Briefing

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This blog post is specifically aimed at the mentor group, but everyone else should know about this as well, for future reference.

To the mentors - please think twice about just closing necro'd threads. There was a change made to closed threads a week or two ago. This change is that closed threads receive a noindex...
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #3

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In this episode, Core talks to gabehabe about programming and job hunting.


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Team Bios

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The WebMaster
Isn't this self explanatory? The web master is the main administrator of the site and oversees the daily operations.

[Webmaster/Owner] - Chris Kenworthy...
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Upcoming Changes for VB6 Tutorials & Snippets

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As of June 1st 2010, Dream In Code will no longer be accepting tutorials and snippets in VB6. With the changes being made in operating systems, and the age of the language, it is getting increasingly difficult for the team to test submissions in this language. This isn't a decision we made lightly as we know we have members that use this...
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #2

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Staying on pace for our once-a-week podcast, Core and skyhawk133 recorded Episode #2 today! In this weeks episode, Core and skyhawk133 discuss the history of DIC, upcoming features, the new video channel, the caffeine lounge, and more!

Listen to Episode #2:

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