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DIC Podcast - now on iTunes

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You can download the audio version (as well as subscribe to the podcast) of the Dream.In.Code podcast in the iTunes Store:

This means that you can now easily listen to our talks on your PC (with iTunes), iPod, iPhone or iPad. Our first episode is up and more are going to come pretty soon, so stay tuned!
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Submit Your Own Video Tutorials/Screencasts To The Dream.In.Code Video Channel

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Guest Post By Skaggles
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #1

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Today we are excited to show you the next page in Dream.In.Code history. We now officially have a Dream.In.Code podcast. We'll try to bring you interviews and discussions with Dream.In.Code team members, community participants as well as with developers from the outside. The number of topics we can talk about is huge, so stay tuned for new...
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Dream.In.Code - The Lost Version (v5 - Circa 2004)

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On the Dream.In.Code "About Us" page (which we're in the process of updating FINALLY), at the very bottom are the old version of the site. Unfortunately, there has always been a missing version, and I was able to find it today, complete with images, CSS, etc.

I give you, Dream.In.Code Version 5.0, Circa 2004'ish:

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Creating Your Own Team Project Blog

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I've been asked a few times how to create a blog with multiple editors, or a "Team Blog". If you have a project that you'd like to blog about, and still want to keep your own personal blog, you can have up to 5 blogs here at In each of those blogs, you can assign "Editors" that may also post entries to...
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Introducing DevTube

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Today we're excited to introduce the next Dream.In.Code content elements you might find quite interesting. It is called DevTube and it is a set of official developer video tutorials from Dream.In.Code.

So far, we have 2 episodes, but Core (that's me!) is working on some more. The videos are available here:
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A video of how to add Code Tags to your posts.

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Often when browsing the help sections of </Dream.In.Code> I often see posts asking for help where the poster has forget (or not bothered) to place their aourcecode inside of the code tags. Now the Moderators have to go an add them in, along with a comment ask them to use them.


So NickDMax...
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Welcome to the team blog!

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Today we are excited to open this next page in the history of Dream.In.Code. We now have our very own team blog, maintained and operated by the Dream.In.Code team.

What's it going to be about? All kinds of different stuff. Most likely, we will announce news, promotions and important events through this blog, so stay tuned - we will be...

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