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The WebMaster
Isn't this self explanatory? The web master is the main administrator of the site and oversees the daily operations.

[Webmaster/Owner] - Chris Kenworthy
Chris currently lives in Albuquerque, NM with his Wife, Dog, and Chinchilla. He is the founder of Dream.In.Code, and owner of parent company MediaGroup1 LLC. With over 12 years of web development experience and a degree in web technology, Chris worked for several web development shops, and the Department of Defense becoming a full-time consultant. His hobbies are varied and change often, but he enjoys camping with family in and around New Mexico, and photographing air shows.

The Administrators
The green badge of Team members is earned by being extremely active in the community, helping on a daily basis, participating in community descisions and suggesting improvements. Team members are picked very carefuly by the Administrators and are super moderators. Our team members are usually our most helpful users. This badge is not given out often.

[Admin] - #2pencil
From the days of his 14.4 dialup modem to running his own business in Akron Ohio, he has explored many aspects of computing in both hardware & software.

[Admin] - Michael
Michael is a graduate student in Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science. While Michael started tinkering with computers from a young age, he found his love of programming in high school after taking some IT classes. Michael loves all things Java, Data Structures, and Math related. He currently works as a graduate teaching assistant. Michael enjoys dabbling in various areas of graph theory, combinatorics, and game theory. In his free time, Michael can be found geeking, sleeping, eating, or cooking.

[Admin] - modi123_1
modi123_1 has been a ardent supporter of the site and tireless promoter of contests, challenges, and positive programming experiences that all nudge folks into a more open focus on creating and building.

The Moderators
The blue Moderator badge is given to very active members who have contributed to the community, shown a desire to help, fully understand the rules and personality of the site, and are willing to dedicate several hours a day to helping and moderating the forum they're in charge of.

Curtis Rutland
[Moderator] - Curtis Rutland
Curtis is a full time .NET programmer working for a major US Credit union. He's works mostly with C#, and has worked with ASP, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC (2, 3, and 4), Silverlight, WPF, WCF, Windows Services, and Windows Forms. Also, some database stuff, but he doesn't feel that's worth going into. He's also not clever enough to give a witty bio.

[Moderator] - Atli
Atli is a mostly self-taught web developer, specializing in PHP and MySQL based development, with some .NET on the side. School never interested him enough to stay for long. Having spent many years as a freelancer, he's now a full-time consultant for a London based company, dealing with software for the travel industry. In his spare time he likes to observe the people around him, trying to discern any sort of logical pattern to their behaviour. No luck so far. Computers make far more sense.

[Moderator] - GunnerInc coming soon...

[Moderator] - BetaWar coming soon...

[Moderator] - xclite
xclite is a software engineer working at [well_known_web_company] writing backend services that do things. He works in software because he's really not that good at anything else, and has been underperforming just enough to not get fired since graduated with a degree in Computer Science. The language-list changes periodically, but it's a safe bet that I'm writing things in Java, Clojure, or Ruby/Python, with the occasional dip into things like Forth, Erlang, OCaml, and Javascript. He also spends more time than is healthy in the lounge, and has likely suffered (further) brain damage as a result.

[Moderator] - astonecipher- coming soon...

[Moderator] - andrewsw- coming soon...

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21 May 2010 - 08:58 PM
Why no2pencil has the same face as KYA?


22 May 2010 - 04:36 PM
Funny story behind the scenes there. Turns out that KYA and no2pencil were twins separated at birth and adopted by different families. KYA was adopted by a loving family that nurtured his interest in computer programming. no2pencil was not so fortunate, he was adopted by linux-crazed hippies who forced him to code using only vi in a remote xterm on a community server!!! Though all they years their twin-connection was so strong that every time one would encounter a bug, the OTHER would curse violently -- seemingly out of the blue!

You should ask them about it, it is really an amazing story.

But if you think that story is strange wait until you hear about JackOfAllTrades and jjsaw5!!!


25 November 2012 - 01:27 PM
These people...are EPIC!


14 June 2013 - 02:21 AM
Ok,I couldn't find any particular place to request,So here I am. I would like to suggest something:
The icon above Avatar(that image) for user's presence checking on forum is too unnoticeable.Could u change that to something like a Green square,circe etc. I have noticed it today after many days of joining the forum.


15 June 2013 - 08:56 AM
We actually have a Site Feedback forum. It's probably not something we're going to change though. :)
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