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A Brief Briefing

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This blog post is specifically aimed at the mentor group, but everyone else should know about this as well, for future reference.

To the mentors - please think twice about just closing necro'd threads. There was a change made to closed threads a week or two ago. This change is that closed threads receive a noindex tag on them, preventing them from showing up in Google/Bing/etc. searches. So if there is a viable solution in the thread, please, just split the new question (if that's what the necro was about) to its own thread, let the thread die again and send a PM to the member saying you have split their post. skyhawk133 has made it so that anyone with at least one post in the forums can receive PMs. (I'm not sure if they can send them, but I know they can receive them)

So, again, if there is a useful solution in the necro'd thread, use your best judgment on whether it should actually be closed. :)


Locke / DIC Team

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06 June 2010 - 07:50 PM
So does this make it OK to necro threads without worry if I think I can properly contribute to them?


06 June 2010 - 07:56 PM
Will do. No need to prevent the rest of the world from benefitting from the thread just for one user necroposting. :) Also, just out of curiosity, how will the team be using the information sent by the Mentors about splitting topics?

And any member can send or recieve PMs. I've gotten a PM myself from a single-post member.

@MentalFloss: In my opinion, I'd rather not see a flood of necroposts in the faster-paced forums like Java, C/C++, C#, PHP, VB6, VB.NET, etc., even if the user necroing has valuable insights to add. I feel that it could overshadow members with legitimate questions. Plus, it encourages others to further revive the same thread with some of the useless posts I've seen. If you have something really valuable that you feel worth exploring, I think it would be better placed in the snippets or tutorials section, so that newbies with questions about your thread have a more appropriate and acceptable place to ask them rather than reviving a dead thread. So if someone has a question about my implementation of a generic Graph in Java, I'd rather them ask in my tutorial than by necroing a thread I answered. That way, other members will have that extra resource in the tutorial section as well. Now if users were necroing in the slower forums like Mobile Development to build up answers/resources, that would be different in my opinion, as we don't have any active Mobile Development Experts, except eclipsed4utoo, whom I believe is only versed in Android. Just my two-cents.


06 June 2010 - 10:08 PM
In my opinion, if it's a really old thread, let it be, as the OP might not be back (but I can see how it would be a solution for future members). Again, use your best judgment. We don't just want tons of necro'd threads crowding the forums.

However, if it's a fairly common subject/question, you could consider a tutorial/snippet, like macosxnerd101 suggested.


07 June 2010 - 11:07 AM
Yeh, if someone necro's an old thread with good info, leave it, they obviously found it through google and that means other people are finding it too so having a solution is a good thing.

We decided to have closed threads de-indexed as we didn't want threads that just had the "rules" reply indexed in google as it doesn't help anyone find a solution.


08 June 2010 - 07:08 AM
Lately if someone just adds a thank you or something which adds no value to the topic, I delete the reply and let it fall back off the page.
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