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Introducing Your Forum Leaders

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*Drum Roll*

Introducing, your Forum Leaders. These guys have been doing an awesome job of fostering discussion, getting challenges going, and helping to keep the forums clean!

baavgai: C/C++, Java, Python, Databases
Atli: Databases
CTphpnwb: PHP, C++, HTML/CSS
sarmanu: C++
Craig328: Cold Fusion


BenignDesign: Caffeine Lounge


a.k.a. B9, the Whiney and Socially Defunct

As of this writing, I am a single 30-something mother of two. I am also the adoptive mother of two barking space heaters. I am college educated, gainfully employed and lean ever so slightly toward the eye-twitching psychotic end of the feminist spectrum.

I work full-time as a web developer at a small college in Maryland and am often found on Twitter bragging about my amazing benefits package and insane amounts of paid time off. I am proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Flash, ActionScript and COBOL. I am slightly experienced in C++, VB, Ruby and Spanish. I am completely useless in ASP, ColdFusion and logo design.

Bathroom habits that annoy me include: visiting the privy in groups, talking on the phone while using the toilet and conversing between stalls. Bathrooms are special places specifically designed for the inhabitants to be doing some of the most disgusting things imaginable while all or partially nude. There is no reason to make the situation more awkward or disgusting by talking throughout the process.

Other things I do not like: the beach, shopping, gardening, nail polish, brassieres, alarm clocks, medication, jewelry and folding laundry.

Things I do enjoy include singing, playing piano, horrible white-girl-with-no-rhythm dancing in my living room, mocking my children, board games, Christmas, swimming, hockey and naps.

supersloth: Caffeine Lounge


a.k.a. sloth (it's always a little s you guys), josh, that asshole

I am a single 24 year old, who works as a web developer and government contractor. I used to be a moderator and an administrator here, but then I quit posting anywhere that wasn't the lounge. I'm also kind of a dick and I busted out the capitol letters just for this post. Don't get used to it.

I believe that all politicians are unprincipled crooks and I still believe that they are better than the alternative. I believe that California is going to sink into the sea when the big one comes, while Florida is going to dissolve into madness and alligators and toxic waste. I believe that antibacterial soap is destroying our resistance to dirt and disease so that one day we'll all be wiped out by the common cold like the Martians in War of the Worlds.

I believe that mankind's destiny lies in the stars. I believe that candy really did taste better when I was a kid, that it's aerodynamically impossible for a bumblebee to fly, that light is a wave and a particle, that there's a cat in a box somewhere who's alive and dead at the same time (although if they don't ever open the box to feed it it'll eventually just be two different kinds of dead) and that the decline in good sex in America is coincident with the decline in drive-in movie theaters from state to state.

I believe I stole those last two paragraphs but you guys were totally impressed before you knew that, you can't tell me any different.

Other things I do not like: repeat threads from a week ago, picky eaters, vacuuming, skyhawk133, Boston sports teams, and posts that are just emoticons or variations of LOL.

Things I do enjoy include Jameson Irish whiskey, organizing Secret Satans and fantasy football, the Steelers, Lakers, and the New Mexico Lobos. Mocking you, occasionally travelling, oversharing my life on twitter and this forum, brunettes with a pretty face and a nice ass but most importantly something worth saying, and movies, music, and games. See, I'm just like you.

Raynes: Functional Programming


Anthony Simpson
I am young, ambitious coder, born and raised in a small town in Alabama called Eldridge. I got his start programming around age 13. While I experimenting with several languages, my first serious language was Haskell. My experience is predominately in functional programming languages, and I is a very active member of the Clojure language community.

My first large project was an IRC (I just recently adding twitter support) bot written in Clojure called 'sexpbot' (a pun on s-expressions) that is still in very active development. It has found a place in the Clojure community providing services such as sandboxed Clojure code evaluation to the #clojure IRC channel on freenode, and has had several contributors over time.

My most well-known and 'important' project was also my first webdev project. Try Clojure, a website designed to introduce people to the Clojure language by providing them with a no-barrier entry to the language with a web-based, sandboxed REPL, and a brief tutorial (that isn't impressive at the moment, but there are plans). You can find it at

I have been home schooled for the entirety of my life. I have only stepped foot in a public school a couple of times for entirely uneducated-related reasons. I live with my mother, aunt, and uncle. I have a wonderful little pussycat named Wind that I rescued (from under the house) as a kitten before she became completely feral. I also have a corn snake named Parenthesis (Yes, really) and my mother has a dog named Mitzy. We've had several other animals in the past, including a rabbit and a turtle at one point.

Besides writing code, I enjoy listening to all sorts of music. If I wasn't a programmer, I'd probably be a singer or musician. My favorite artists are many, but the primary ones would probably be Coldplay, Train, and OneRepublic.

Facebook: http://www.facebook....p?id=1326411712 (Not very active)
Twitter: (Fairly active)
Github: (Extremely active, this is where all my projects are centered)

: C#


a.k.a. Curtis Rutland
I'm 26, and have been programming for about ten years now. Mostly little things here and there, in high school and college. I enjoyed it a lot, but I didn't do it for a living until fairly recently. I've been developing .NET applications for a paycheck for about four years now. Funny to think a farm boy (literally, grew up on a cattle and hay farm) from south Texas would end up with a career in programming?

I've worked with pretty much all the major .NET technologies, but recently I've focused on Silverlight. Truly, I prefer the back end. I don't really care about the front end, I like solving the logic puzzles of an application, not tweaking its visuals.

When I'm not programming or sleeping or back at the farm helping out, I'm likely to be playing WoW (Exodar server, Human DK named CŁrtÔs, hit me up if you play on that server). Yeah, I'm a geek, but I've come to accept that. If I'm not doing that, I'm reading.

Blog: insertAlias.Write("...");


Sergio Tapia: C#, ASP.NET


Sergio Tapia

I'm a 21 year old programmer who only started programming when I entered college. I didn't know one iota of programming before college, but hey, hard work and love for the craft is more than enough to be good at it. I'm a father of two, a 2 year old boy and a 2 week old girl and married to an orthodontist.

My hobbies include playing videogames, horsing around with my son (seriously, I'm a kid at heart) and trying to weld things together using super glue.

I also freelance on oDesk and generally have a good time there because I pick projects that make me learn things.

Thanks for reading about me. :D



Dogstopper: Java


Stephen Schwahn
I'm currently 16 and a Junior preparing for college. I have been programming for about four years now and originally started by programming the Lego NXT for Lego Robotics in 7th grade. Then I became interested in doing more and started learning C++. However, once I found Java, I liked it at once. I still use C++ for some things like game programming, but my love is Java.

I am a full time student and that takes up most of my time, but when I'm not doing school, I'm programming, helping on DIC, or sleeping. Occasionally, I like watching TV, but you will typically find me programming in some form.

I also do some freelancing doing website construction, but I hope that I will be able to do Java freelancing some day as well.


Kilorn: XNA


AKA Justin Birdsong

I'm currently 27 years old and I've been programming on and off for probably around 8 years. I hadn't began programming on a regular basis until a few years ago when I was introduced to XNA and pretty much immediately fell in love with the XNA framework. I live in the Metro Atlanta area, read suburbs, and have since around 2002 when I moved here to work as an electrician for my father's company. After doing that full time for 8 years, until 2010 for the mathematically impaired, work had become too sporadic and I needed to move on to something else. During the time I was an electrician, I had received a Bachelor's degree in Game Design and began scouring the net for programming job opportunities in C# near the Atlanta area. After several months of having no luck, I decided to attend a local Georgia Game Developer's Association meeting where I met up with a former instructor of mine and a few weeks later, I had a job. It's not a programming position, but it allows me to work for a game company which does offer promotions from time to time, so it's just a matter of time before I find myself sitting at a dark cubicle with soars on my fingers from writing code all day every day, and I can't wait for that day.

Well, that's pretty much it about me, I'm a fairly boring guy who doesn't really have a life outside his job and his wife, no kids. If any of you want to know anything else about me, feel free to ask and let's keep the XNA community growing!


atraub: Python


Adam Traub

I'm Adam; a 24 year old software engineer working at a mobile communications network infrastructure company. I started college as a psychology major and only took a computer science course for giggles. By the end of my first semester of college I knew I had found my calling.

About 4 years ago, a buddy of mine told me that there was a game he wanted to mod. He approached me because he knew I had some talent for Java. I had to scratch my head when he showed me a sample script though. The language looked weird... there was no semicolon at the end of each line and the for loops looked like nothing I had ever seen. Apparently, people were writing scripts for this 3D space dogfighting game in a humble language I had never heard of, Python. After a little reading, I fell in love with the language.

One day, my professor and mentor found me reading a book on Python in one of the school's computer labs. We started talking and I showed him some basic programs I had been working on. He told me that he was changing the entry Computer Science class from Java to Python. Given that I was the only student in the school who knew the language, he offered me a job as a teaching assistant. I did that for two years and loved every moment of it. I have a passion for teaching, which is what inspired me to write the blog that I'm always subtly linking in my signature.

While my job forces me to work with C/C++ all day, Python will always be my first love.


modi123_1: C#, VB6, VB.NET


I wanted to drop a little note about myself as a new forum leader. I am a Nebraskan.. near 30ish years old... and have been programming for quite some time. For a paycheck - say about seven years... unofficially fifteenish years. Most of that time has been in .NET with a smattering of Java and PHP here or there.

I really started in computers back when I wanted to play Doom (1) on my mom's work PC (486 Packard Bell!). I was forced to figure out how to alter the autobat and configs to get the game to work properly. That was.. what? Good ol' DOS 6.2?

From there I became the resident 'fixer' of the friends and family. I got my own PC (Gateway 133mhz!) with a 1.9gb hard drive. I swore I could hear an echo because it was so freaking large. I did quite a bit of QBASIC and batch programming (securing my Boyscout Computer merit badge!) and then moved to a free copy of Borland Turbo C++ from a family friend who got it at work.

I graduated from the University of Nebraska - Omaha with a Comp Sci degree and a Native American minor. (Yeah long story - but my years of high school policy debate required me to vent on the soft-studies kids.)

I enjoy tinkering with programs at home, I finally got a new job so it'll be for a paycheck again (I was laid off), and futzing with my digital artwork.


Dormilich: PHP, Javascript


hello, I go by the name of Bertold von Dormilich and Iím coming from Germany. I have been making my first website about ten years ago (and Iím glad that it is offline). I do not do anything in the IT business and I have kept coding for the web a hobby ever since.

Anyways that never stopped me from getting better at coding so I expanded my toolkit from HTML to Javascript and PHP. And because I donít like things to be half finished, I strived for getting better at it.

Forums like this one have always helped me in this process over the years, feeding my passion and raising my experience. Ah, yes, and I still manage a homepage where I can set-up new features and test the latest things I hear of.


ishkabible: C++, Assembly


im a 17 year old high schooler who has a passion for logic. my love of logic begin with chess in 8th grade (i was 13). i had known how to play chess sense i played the DOS battle chess but i was oblivious to the logic involved in winning a game. a preacher from my school (whom i became good friends with, it was a baptist boarding school) started a chess club. normally i wouldn't considered such i thing but i had some interesting conversations with him in passing and he mentioned it so i though i would try it. much to my surprise i loved it and became enthralled with it. i read books galore, replaying famous games to try and understand the logic, everything. i felt i had a real knack for it, so i decided to try my luck in a competition(now summer between 8th and 9th gade). i found out that there where 10 year old's far better than me that had been playing much longer and where going all over the states (and even world) to play chess. the utter defeat i experienced humbled and discouraged me. i kept at it but never with the same enthusiasm.

seeking other outlets that exercised this relatively new concept of logic being made to solve problems i was not thought to solve(e.g. math class) i decided i was going to make a full fledged video game with no former knowledge of programing. my search in how to do this led me to learning c++ as it was the only thing i was aware of. after being humbled again by the complexity of making a video game(i still didn't realize how big a task it was) i settled for learning c++ via console apps (as all beginners). i found that console apps where more than enough of a challenge to fill my need for logic. after a year or so of programing i was almost certain i wanted to major in computer science and that i had found my 'nich' in life so to speak.

Im fascinated with all things all things related to compiler dev. I have made countless attempts at small languages both scripted and compiled and other than a few near assembly like languages and a small language that worked similarly to c but only handled unsigned integers, including pointers, i don't have much to show for it :(. i also enjoy making games (mostly 2D) now that i have the ability to make them. I recently started using love2d, a 2D game engine that uses Lua, and really like it. i love playing games as much as making , sometimes more if im frustrated, so ive put almost all the money ive come across into my desktop. i might enjoy finding good deals on GPU's and procs more thrilling than playing the game there used for.

My main language is C+, with a side order Lua , it was my first languge and after learning several others i always come back to it. I enjoy learning new languages but i seldom take the time to learn each one extensively. Other hobbies include reading XKCD, smack talking with my friends, arguing for the sake of arguing, doodling in class, watching movies, and of course visiting DIC. i consider my self a nerd and am happy to help anyone with anything i can :)


nimajneb: Ruby


My name is Ben, I'm 28 year old Software Development Recruiter who recently migrated to the great northwest via Louisiana. Spent the first part of my short life as a lab optician and then decided to finish my computer science degree at Louisiana Tech University. Most of my work has been done in Java, but I also do a lot of web development on the side.

I was only recently introduced to Ruby by a friend of mine who wanted me to help him on a work project. I fell in love with the language on day one and have been using it ever since. After finding Ruby, I have started migrating my largest work related application, a medical records software client, over to a Ruby/Rails environment. It has taken some time, but it's been up and running for about 3 months now.

When I'm not working, I'm with my girlfriend playing with our dog, Brittanie, and our pig, Emma. Brittanie is a blind australian sheppard and Emma is new to the family. It's a fun time with them around.

I also brew my own beer and wine when I get bored and I love to cook.


xclite: Ruby


I'm Brian. I am a graduate of Virginia Tech and work as a programmer analyst for a contracting company (mostly Java).

I started programming in 9th grade of high school, starting with BASIC, then Pascal, and finally Java. I've played with a lot of languages, but I'm most familiar with Java and Ruby.

I don't honestly remember how I got into Ruby - I remember wanting a language that wasn't Java. I wrote a Perl script and couldn't remember what it did 5 minutes later. The comment line was longer than the program. I worked with Python for a while, and although it gets things done, I often find myself hacking around the "one obvious way to do things." Ruby lets me get things done, it's highly readable, and it has never gotten in my way.

Besides programming, I enjoy the hell out of video games, running, and lifting weights.

I've been called a beer snob on occasion.


jumptrooper: Perl, Java


David Hubbell

I'm 27 years old and program for a small company in Auburn, CA. We provide software for County and local government, mainly dealing with the processing, archival and retrieval of official documents (deeds, transfers, marriage licenses, birth certificates, etc.).

I became interested in computers when I was about 7 or 8 when my dad brought home an IBM clone PC. The screen only displayed in black and shades of yellow and the thing only had about 6K of RAM but it had Tetris!

In middle school I started messing around with BASIC. I'd check out books from the library and diligently copy the examples line by line in hopes of seeing an ASCII comet flash across the screen for half a second. That was alright...but it was a lot of work for something below even the standards of an NES console. But I was hooked.

In high school, I took electronics my freshman year, intro to programming my sophomore year, and AP CS my junior year. They were challenging, but I really enjoyed them. But best of all, I got my own computer! It was an Inteva with a 700Mhz Pentium 2 and Windows 98! Oh yeah! What could be better!? No more yellow Tetris blocks for me - I could play Command and Conquer: Red Alert and later Half-Life!

Then... I fell off the wagon...

I went to Westmont College, in Santa Barbara, and my first year there I spent more time with my girlfriend than studying and my grades went down. I concluded I sucked at programming and ended up changing majors. I finished with a BA in Psychology, almost a BA in Religious Studies, and a minor in CS. I went on to get half way through a masters program in Marriage and Family Counseling when I realized the most of the people in the program were idiots, along with the professors (my undergrad psych professors were way better!) and that there was no happy future in counseling. By that point I had been working in the mental health field for several years and, let me tell you, it sucks and you get paid nothing. I decided that I needed to get back to my true love of programming so I took some classes at city college, got my AS in three semesters and found the job I'm presently working at. I couldn't be happier now!

Currently, I'm programming in Java, CQCS, and Perl.

I'm married to a wonderful woman I met after I graduated from college. I was born in the country of Niger, which is next to Nigeria and touches the Southwest end of the Sahara. I enjoy swimming, snowboarding, reading, playing Starcraft, RC airplanes, photography, guitar, and lots of other stuff. I'm super excited that I'm going to become a Dad around July 9th of next year (2011)! I help teach 1st grade Sunday school at my church. My favorite show is BBC's Top Gear.


nathanpc: Assembly


Nathan Campos

Let me start this by letting everyone here knows that I'm not good making texts and that my english isn't very good. Anyway, let's start it.

My first contact with computers was when I was just 3 years old. My father had an old MS-DOS computer at home. So I've usualy played some stuff that he installed for me. After some time when I was 4, almost 5, my father bought a Windows 95 computer and some games for me too. I've started not to play a lot, but to explore the computer. In that time internet was too much expensive to have at home, so my father old had it at his work.

My mother saw that I prefered to explore the computer than playing games. So my father started to teach me the basics, like how to write stuff(notepad, word and the office suite), how to install things, configure and other kind of things like that. With this helps, when I was 5 I already knew how to change the password of the computer, and how to do a lot of things on Windows.

My parents saw that I had the ability, interest and liked a lot to make things on the computers area, so I grew up having a lot of help from my parents. Know that my parents didn't worked with computers, they were CEOs of a security company, that they gaved to me. Now I'm the CEO of it and it's the biggest one here on my estate.

When I was 7 I've started learning some BASIC using some tutorials that I got on the internet. I've created some simple applications like time apps, calendar and file I/O. I don't know why, but I never got interest on developing games. Even today I won't develop games. I like developing applications too much.

I remember that when I was 10 I've bought a lot of books. Some about Assembly and a lot of C/C++, Ruby and this kind of books, I think that on total there were 9 books(I already have them all here). This was my starting point, I've started with some C++, then got into C, some after I've started in many languages at the same time, some Java after this all and finally I met my language! The one that I love so much! The great Assembly. I've already started trying to make an OS in 8086 Assembly, then I saw that I need to start with Windows and platform-based stuff. I bought 3 books of 8086 Assembler, one that used emu8086 to learn the basics, then a MASM one to learn about platform-based. After this all I've started a NASM book, to learn about platform-independent things(the basic to make an OS in Assembly).

After this journey I saw that Assembly was my best language, from that time until now, I've been learning as most Assembly languages as possible. And now at 21, almost 22(at will be on Jan 1st of 2011), all this study and passion for Assembly turned into this Forum Leader title. With proud I will love to help you and help the community on this section.

Talking about personal things, I don't like to say what I dislike, so let's share only what I like: I love to watch movies, develop stuff, enjoy some games playing with my friends, my friends and family. I play drums, love to practice downhill, I like to shoot at targets(not on live ones, but one firing stands) and love some paintball too.

Nice to meet you. I'm nathanpc ;)


Martyr2: Java, PHP, Javascript, C#


Hello everyone, I go by the name of Martyr2 and I am American even though I live in Vancouver Canada. I have been programming for over 13 years and have worked as a programmer in many industries. Some of my experience includes appliance retail software, the travel industry where I was responsible for over 170+ websites world-wide and just recently transferred over to a hot tech company doing communication software. I consider this job a bit of a "think tank" because of the free reign I am given to explore programming concepts. The last few years I have focused on system/algorithm design, best practices and general programming theory.

I am constantly reading programming books everywhere I go so I am a bit of a bookworm. This often means that I can review a lot of books and provide assistance on picking great books to learn from. It also means there is little I haven't seen in the way of programming... good and bad. I hope to extend this knowledge to save you time and get you simple to understand solutions to big problems.


pbl: Java


Paul-Benoit Larochelle

I started in the IT business in 1973 at the University of Montreal Computer Center writting programs mostly in Fortran Compass (the Assembler for CDC Cyber series) and Cobol.

After that I worked for Philips writing in Z80 assembler what was probably the firt driver for hard disk in Canada.

In 1982 I met my first VAX as System Manager and was hired by Digital in 1986. One one my nicest mandate within Digital was to computerized Canadian embassies and consulats over the world. I was also the Digital top notch performance consultants. In these days a 64MB of memory cost $ 100,000 a 128MB board cost $ 250,000 many companies hired consultants, and was ready to pay for it, to evaluate if they need a new 64MB or 128MB board.

That is why I am still really oriented to performance issues. I am allergic to

ArrayList al = new ArrayList();
for(int i = 0; i < al.size(); ++i)

when it should be
int len = al.size;
for(int i = 0; i < len; ++i)

When Digital (DEC) vanished it 1996 and I lost my job, I started a new job as consultant, mostly with old DEC customers all around the world.

In the late 90s I discovered Java in a cellular phone company where I was fixing Cobol programs as a consultant and I felt in love withe the language.
Even wrote an interface between Sybase database holding Java objects and Cobol.
In 2000 I felt in love with a lady leaving in a remote place in Quebec. During 5 years I made the travel every day from that remote place to Montreal for job. Then I decided, at 55 years old, that I was too old to spent 3 hours a day commuting from home to business address.

So I went to early retirement and try to find a job in Java at the remote place where I leave... without success. So now, for living, I program in C slot machines for casinos at 5 minutes drive for home but love to help you with my favorite language Java at nigth.
My Java expertize ? Swing in general and denitively JTable. I have fool around with these in all possible ways.

Happy coding and have fun.


: C++, Game Programming


I'm a computer science graduate and professional programmer with most of my experience from the games industry, accumulating five years' of experience. I have a real passion for all things game programming including graphics, AI, audio, etc, as well as writing my own routines to improve the already present debugging environment for all types of software. I'm also working on my own home brew project using C++ and DirectX, and porting an old 3D game (the first ever game I wrote) to Linux.

I on the rare occasion code in other languages but C++ is by far my favorite that I use for almost everything I code. Under Windows I code using Visual Studio, and under Linux my preference is NetBeans C++ IDE.

Gaming is another passion of mine on the PS3 and PC, but that's another story. :)


stayscrisp: Graphic Design, Game Programming


I am a 26 year old C++ game programming student from the UK. I have always had a huge interest in computer repair and technology but only began programming around 4 years ago. I usually spend my free time adding to my existing code base and game engine to enable fast and efficient development. My main strengths lie in class design and fast gameplay code although I'm quite proficient in 3D maths.

Football (soccer to some of you) and videogames are my two main interests and nothing breaks up a coding session like 90 minutes of the beautiful game :)

Photoshop is a new hobby of mine and I spend a lot of time just practising using the tools and messing with effects.

Blog: http://www.dreaminco...he-crispy-blog/


AdamSpeight2008: VB.NET, .NET


Adam can often be found in an area of </Dream.In.Code> where wax crayons are often eaten used, otherwise known as the forum. He originated from Barnsley (Yorkshire). He has worked for a company that did software for electronic testing and measurement equipment, but he currently seeking gainful employment. On </Dream.In.Code>, when he isn't being a Moderator, has written many tutorials and supplied lots of code snippets. Covering a broad range of subjects;- From a simple Swap Extension Method to a Permutation Enumerator for a Collection. You can find few of his Open-Source projects being hosted on CodePlex. Check out his blog The Madman Scribblings.

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25 December 2010 - 07:04 PM
Very cool, nice to learn a bit more about some of the people who keep things running around here. Thanks for all the hard work guys, dedication from you is part of what makes D.I.C the best coding community by far. Now we need one of these for the staff members :-).


25 December 2010 - 07:08 PM
If you go back a couple pages in the Team Blog, you'll find one for the staff as well. :)
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