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New Policy on (Mini)-Moderation

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The team has been discussing a new policy on mini-moderating. We have noticed that non-team members and members with no moderating priveleges whatsoever are leaving comments in posts that really should be handled by the team. For example, if you notice a post with no code tags or is a Gimmeh Teh Codez or just isn't following the rules, please use the "Report Post" button at the bottom-left of each post. This will allow a team member to more quickly and effectively handle the situation. Please also do not leave a message explaining the rules that were broken - just report it and the team or those with moderation privileges will handle it from there. As a result of these recent changes, the rules tag has now been removed entirely. Now, instead of using the rules tag, you MUST use the Report button.

As a note to the Mentors and Forum Leaders, we have outlined your moderation duties already and this post does not affect you to the extent of other members, as long as you keep it within your jurisdiction. (If you are a Forum Leader of say...Student Campus, please use the Report button in every forum except Student Campus). However, if you ever have a question, or are unsure, feel free to also use the Report button.

So, to summarize, if you do not have moderation privileges and see a post that needs moderation, please use the report button and simply that. The team will handle it in a correct and timely fashion.


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18 January 2011 - 03:02 PM
I'm sorry, I've been doing that. :stupid: :oops:, shall not do it anymore. Sorry.

Shane Hudson 

19 January 2011 - 06:42 AM
Could I please verify what you mean about do not leave a message in the report? I have reported a fair few posts and I write in why I am reporting.. do you want us to just leave it empty?


19 January 2011 - 09:08 AM
Definitely leave a message in the report to the team, but don't reply to the thread to call out the member you believe is violating the rules. For example, if someone uselessly necros a thread, report it and say useless necro, but don't reply to the thread and call said user out. :)
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