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About Dream.In.Code (DIC)

Dream.In.Code (DIC for short) is a leading online community for programmers and web developers. Members have free access to thousands of programming tutorials, code snippets, forum topics, and more! Over the past 10 years, Dream.In.Code has gained a reputation for providing expert help for students and professionals in a friendly and timely manner. Our members are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. Read on to learn more about Dream.In.Code!

Frequently Broached Topics
Here are a bunch of commonly asked questions with respective links:
I need a list of projects!
What Language should I learn?
I'm new to programming, and I want to make a game!
What are some good books?

Also, make sure to check the pinned topic at the top of your forum and to check the Programmer subforum (if one exists), because crucial topics will be posted in BOTH places to avoid repeat questions. There should be a language-specific FAQ in each section.

The Help We Give
You will not find a community like us in any other place. We're more than just a Q/A forum. We are a community. Thus, there are relationships between members that exists. We hope that you get to know all of us and let us get to know you! When we give help to those looking for help, we try to not JUST flat give the answer; we try to guide the poster to the answer so that they, and anybody else reading it, will learn. As the saying goes, we teach the poster how to fish, not just throw the fish at them.

The Ranks
Each member has a rank on DIC, but here are some of the cool ones that you can earn:
  • Contributor - This member has contributed a staff-approved tutorial or code snippet.
  • Author - This member has submitted 2-3 staff approved tutorials or many code snippets.
  • Forum Leader - This member is passionate about a specific category and helps do things like organize competitions, asks challenging questions, and generally keeps the forum active. They also have forum-moderation privileges to help keep things like spam out.
  • Expert - This badge shows that a member has demonstrates expertise in one or more subject areas, is an active member on the board, and frequently they are looked at as moderator candidates.
  • Mentor - This badge is even more difficult to get than the expert badge. Mentors have moderation privileges in their forums, and are looked up to as our most knowledgeable members. Learn to gain their respect and you will be on the right path.
  • Moderator - This badge is given to members who fully understand the rules and the personality of the site. These members are dedicated to making sure the rules are being followed, keeping forums clean, and helping out wherever possible.
  • Admin - This badge is only given to one or two members every year or two, and it is given to a person who is extremely active. They are in charge general site administration and are super-moderators.
  • Webmaster - This is skyhawk133. He is the main administrator of the site, manages marketing, and makes sure the site is running properly.
  • Alumni - Members who were previously on the Dream.In.Code staff. They are moderators, admins, and other team members who have climbed the ladder and successfully escaped the grips of the Dream.In.Code dungeon where all staff members are kept.

The Reputation System
Each member, along with having a rank, also has a number associated with them that displays their reputation on the site. It's a simple way to highlight good answers and helpful members, and it also serves as a way to highlight bad answers. However, it often gets taken too seriously. Remember, it's just a number and there are no advantages to having a high rep as opposed to a low rep.

When to give positive reputation:
  • A reply was helpful
  • A way to reward members for a good topic

When to give negative reputation:
  • A reply was totally wrong in advice.
  • A member showed extremely unprofessional behavior and misconduct

HOWEVER, down rep should not be used as retribution, or to indicate disagreement.

The Kudos System
Kudos measure your participation on the site. Right now, they are rewarded for tutorials and code snippets that are accepted as high-quality submissions by the Dream.In.Code team. 50 kudos are given for each tutorial and 25 are given for each snippet. This is just our way of saying thanks.

*NOTE* An unabridged version of what I just gave is available here:

The Team
If there is a problem in any way, please use either the report button at the bottom-left of each post or contact a moderator or Admin:

Please reserve contacting moderators for when you have a problem with a member or part of the site and not for asking for programming help.

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10 May 2011 - 03:47 PM
Nice for the newbs.

Shane Hudson 

11 May 2011 - 07:24 AM
Not quite what I was thinking, but should be helpful if new members read it! Good work.


23 July 2011 - 01:30 PM
But I sometimes see other groups which I didnt see any where here explained. Are these also known groups in DIC?:
1. Greaters
2. Rep Abusers


25 July 2011 - 11:29 AM
Greeters are people who spend a good deal of time welcoming new members to DIC personally and try to get to know the new members a little better. You can read more on Greeters here.

Rep Abusers is the group reserved for people who abuse the reputation system for the purpose of augmenting or deflating a member's reputation. For example, downvoting a bunch of a member's posts for spite is considered rep abuse, as is targeting your friend to give him or her a ton of unwarranted upvotes. Rep Abusers cannot give reputation points.


26 July 2011 - 04:23 PM
Thanks mac, i get it now. :)


06 October 2013 - 10:35 AM
Sorry for the necro, but can you be rep abuser if you give too many upvotes?
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