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Updated Reputation Thresholds

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Based on changes in activity, we have re-evaluated the reputation thresholds. The major changes to note are the following:
-The Ruby and ColdFusion forums have a threshold of +10 rep for the month.
-Java and C/C++ have a threshold of +45 rep for the month.
-PHP and C# have thresholds of +30 rep for the month.
-Python is now set at +20 for the month.

These thresholds are effective for the month of August, so that means you could earn a reputation award at the last minute! There is only one day left to get your posts in!


C++: Blew Your Leg Off (+45 rep)
Java: Here Comes the Sun (+45 rep)
VB.NET: Dim Me As Awesome (+25 rep)
PHP: Little Bobby Tables (+30 rep)
C#: THIS isn't the self reference droid you are looking for (+30 rep)
ColdFusion: Brrr, it's cold in here. (+10 rep)
Ruby: Ruby - Rocking on the Rails (+10 rep)
Assembly: Here's a Pointer- Don't Forget (+10 rep)
FP: Divine Recursion (+10 rep)
Mobile: Can you hear me now? (+15 rep)
HTML/CSS: What a POSTer (+15 rep)
Software Development: Code Monkey (+15 rep)
Computer Science: O(1) advice over time (+15 rep)
Industry News: Look at what I found! (+10 rep)
Computer Support: Did you turn it off and on again? (+25 rep)
Graphic Design: I can tell by the pixels (+15 rep)
Other Languages: What a Lua-wow! (+15 rep)
XNA/Game Programming: We Made Games Before It Went Mainstream (+15 rep)
Pythoneer (+20 rep)
Javascript: Classical Prototype (15+)

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