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Adding to Event Logs with VB.NET

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Damn! What the hell happened to that application I was running? One minute I am viewing the pictures of my trip to the playboy mansion and another minute I am having to shut down the app. It is seriously not cool! Now only if there was a way I can record some of my applications activity for windows to see later. Perhaps describing why my...
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Ref and Out Keywords in C#

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The basic idea of a function was to give it information and have it return a single value as a result. That result could have been an integer or a float or even an object or struct. On that principle alone many great programs have been made. However, there came a need for returning multiple values from a function. Sometimes the function not only...
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Johnson-Trotter Algorithm in VC++.NET

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The Johnson-Trotter algorithm is an algorithm for figuring out permutations given a value set. A permutation is a way of altering the values in a set to create a different unique sequence from the original. If we have the set 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... one permutation would be 2, 1, 4, 5, 3 and another would be 3, 4, 2, 1, 5. Using a quirky little...
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Interfaces and Drawing in Java, Hurray!

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So I am cruising around the boards when I stumble across an interesting post about creating a shapes tool for a graphics Java program. If you are unfamiliar with the shapes tool, the idea is that you click a button, select a shape and then draw the shape onto some window of the program. Select a square, an ellipse or some fancy star and...
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File Chunking and Merging in C++

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I got the idea for a file chunking program the other day while I was reading a Ruby article. I thought to myself, why not build a similar utility in C++? The idea of chunking a file (that is, taking a file and breaking it into smaller files) can be a useful utility when dealing with some rather big files. Perhaps if you mix it with some file...
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AJAX Powered Lightbox

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You may or may not have heard about "Lightbox". This script is well known for creating the effect of dimming out a page and showing an element (like a picture or page) in the foreground at full illumination. Against the dark background this makes the element pop as well as disables the background temporarily for the user. The effect is...
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First a Scientist, Then a Programmer.

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Unless you had the bad luck of actually reading my profile, you may not know that despite being a long time programmer I also have a background in natural sciences. I was once tested by the US government in high school, of my own accord, to see my military options if I chose to go down the path. As one of my bigger life mistakes, because I did...
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Inheriting From A Control in Java

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I am sure we all love Java Swing. It is not quite as thrilling as the swings we use to play on at the park, but it sure makes our Java applications come alive with a nice rich GUI. We are familiar with the JButton to make buttons, JTextFields to make textboxes and perhaps you have even ventured into using JTables. But maybe some of these controls...
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Simple Multiplication Table in C++

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The board has its ebbs and flows when it comes to programming topics. One day it could be a flood of Java questions regarding an inventory system and the next it could be how to write to a file in C#. A recent question on the board has been popping up over the last couple days with regard to creating a multiplication table in C++. So lets talk a...
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Writing Color Hex Values to a CSV File in VB.NET

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Here we go again! Another exciting blog entry talking about programming theory. This episode comes by way of a question that appeared on the board today. Someone was looking to pick out colors from an image, convert them to a hex value and write them to a CSV file (comma separated file) for Excel. I put this in the Deep Underground Misc...

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