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Variance and Standard Deviation of An Array in C#

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Statistics... the bane of some coders existence. Why would it be any fun unless the stats say you are a superstar sports athlete (which coders are not), are going to win a huge prize like the lottery (which coders realize is futile with something like 1 in 13 million PER SELECTION) or that the probability for love is high... you mean with an...
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Picking Colors Out of a Picture with VC++.NET

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Ever wonder how they make those nifty color pickers on graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop? Typically they have a formula that generates the colors of the spectrum and makes it into one of those colorful swatches. You may have the swatch but perhaps you want to know how you can go about giving your users the ability to mouse over the swatch and...
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Book Recommendations For A Variety of Languages

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We have a lot of newbies on the forum these days. Again and again we are asked "What are some good books for language _______?" We all have our favorites and some books lean towards a certain learning style. So one programmer is going to like a particular book more than another programmer might. But besides that little glitch in...
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Spewing Javascript JSON with PHP

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There may be a time in the not so distant future where your employer may ask you do develop a web application which will hook up with a JSON data source. Perhaps you will be like "Uhhhhhh" and have a dumb look on your face. Have no worries, the underground is here to help! Lets use some PHP to generate some JSON code which we will...
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Making a Simple Test Harness

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Again and again we get people on the board saying something along the lines of "I have this problem with my project, I think it is this function giving me the trouble, but can someone help me figure out what is going on?" What is the first thing the pros do in such a situation? They create what is known as a test harness (aka driver...
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Read File Into Array or ArrayList in C++/Java

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Welcome to a very special entry on the Programming Underground and a Happy New Year to you as well. Not only is this my first entry of the 2009 year but it is also my DIC history making 100th blog entry! I wanted to thank everyone who has visited and read my blog over the last 16 months as well as making it DIC's 2008 Blog of the Year!...
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Student Grades Using Ruby

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A lot of people new to the programming game usually run across the grade book style of application at some point. The reason it is assigned as a beginner level project is that it is an easy way to show you how to use objects, how to use an array of objects, or more precisely how to use a collection. We here at DIC have seen variations of this...
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Chain of Responsibility Pattern - C++

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So you are alone in your cubicle at work, twiddling away on your computer when suddenly your supervisor comes by and yells at you for not handing in some kind of report. You tried to do it earlier but your supervisor was too busy playing fuse ball with the VPs to listen to you. After all, miracle workers like you are suppose to work miracles, not...
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For Java DB Beginners - MS Access

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Ok so you have played around with Java for awhile, written some functions, created a class or two and now you want to get into connecting Java to an example database. How do you start? Well most enterprise applications typically use Java with a more robust and powerful relational database than MS Access. But if you are just learning, and want...
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A Glance Into Visual Basic 10 - A Discussion

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Well we have been playing around with VB.NET 2005/2008 for awhile and even a few additions created with some service packs and it is time for something new to talk about. What is in store for the future and is Microsoft really listening to the developers in the industry? Throughout this entry of the Programming Underground we will talk about some...

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