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Directory Tree Script with PHP

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The old saying goes "The world is but a file and I, a lonely man, shall list it in the cosmos!" Ok, I made up the new old saying but haven't you ever wanted to add a basic file directory listing script to use with your own file manager? Maybe something that can simply list the contents of a directory (its subfolders and files)...
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Scrolling an Image in C#

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On occasion I have seen people asking about making scrolling images. Often times they are asking this question in response to creating their own games to get something like a scrolling background without needing to use a picturebox... which can be pretty bulky. One way to do this is by taking the reigns and controlling the paint event of a control...
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Tracking the Caret in a JTextArea with Java

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A lot of people on the board right now are making their own little text editors. It is a great little project to start when you are breaking into a language like Java. They are not exactly original with the names though like "nText" and "pText" and "zText" and "wtfText". Usually their main focus is on...
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Ordering Sets in C++

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Now some of you may be thinking "a set" like some kind of gang terminology. While I do belong to a gang of some hard core programmers here at DIC, I can assure you that we are only talk programming terms here. So I don't want you to drive by my house or anyone to ask me to score some weed. However, if you want to know how to order...
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Are Most Tech Blogs Too Specialized to Be Useful?

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Reading through tech blogs and articles around the net I see various topics from TDD.NET to structuremaps to specialized frameworks to augment other frameworks that were suppose to make things easier to begin with. Taking a minute with a few of these blogs I understand the logic, but unless you deal with that proprietary and often cryptic super...
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Behind the Div Overlay

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I surf around a lot and like to visit other forums where people ask questions and provide answers. I explore the programming and design forums and often see tons of questions regarding "How do I make a div overlay on Myspace?" Or more importantly, how do they make an div overlay period. What are these overlays? How do you do them? And...
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Leave My Property VB.NET

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A shiny silver gun is drawn and stuck in the back of the perpetrator. "I thought I told you to leave my property. What are you still doing here?" A brief pause and the criminal responds "Leave? I thought you meant implement some properties, so I implemented three of them... a name, an age, and a phone number where you can reach...
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Down the Rabbit Hole with C# Serialization

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"Whooooo areeeee youuuuu?" No really, who are you and what are you doing on my blog? Oh you are here to read my blog entry on C# serialization to file writing? Fabulous! There may be times where you want to store an object's data from C# to a file for reading later. You can essentially "freeze" the object in time and...
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Count Word Matches in a File With Our Friend Java

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Ever wanted to dig through a text file and see how many times a particular word appears? Are you afraid the file is going to jump up and bite you and bite you hard?!? Don't sweat it. That crazy file isn't going to be too much trouble if you know some useful classes for dealing with the situation. In this entry we talk about opening a...
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Making the Right Choice In Implementation

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Time and time again programmers come on the board seeking answers to a problem that they know the steps to solve but just can't get those steps to work on the computer. They know they need to add 1 to a value until it reaches 27, but how do you do that? A loop you say? But which one? Sometimes the newbie picks the wrong type of implementation...

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