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Page Scraping Links with Ruby

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Tinkering around with Ruby I figured I would write up a project that involved a little of everything a common Ruby program might have. A little sockets, a little class creation, array handling etc. The only thing I didn't include was a module but you could easily build one in if you like. The result was a nice little project which scrapes...
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Setting File Time in C/C++

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It was asked recently how one might go about changing the various access times (last modified, creation date etc) of an existing file through C/C++. The idea we will show you below takes advantage of a few functions in windows.h for altering file and system times. And no it can't be used on your homework to change the due date. And no it...
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Selection Sort (Definitive Series)

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In a long standing tradition here on the Programming Underground we are going to add another entry to the definitive series. For those of you who are still relatively new to my blog, the definitive series is a series of blog entries where we take an algorithm and run it through the paces of five different languages: C++/C#/Java/VB.NET/PHP. With...
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Enumerating Through Dream.In.Code in C#

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The year is 2056 and governments have fallen. Anarchy reigns across the land and humanity has plunged into eternal darkness. People have turned on one another to survive and the streets are owned by the ruthless warlords with their armies of n00bs. No one is safe from the plaguing questions of "How do I read a textfile in VB.NET?",...
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Parsing XML and a Dynamic Callback in JavaScript

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One of the most common tasks for a web developer is implementing an AJAX solution to create a more dynamic interface. A common method is to query a database, get some results, parse the results and update the interface without needing to refresh the page. But how do we customize our data, prepare it for some parsing, use the data returned to...
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Partial Classes and Methods - A Bit Ri dicu lous

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The idea of a partial class was an idea brought on by Microsoft in the .NET framework awhile ago and ever since then I have seen very little use of them. However, I am sure they are around alive and well in more complex production code. I for one am not a huge fan of the idea of splitting a class over multiple files just for maintenance reasons,...
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Iterators and STL Lists

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You may have heard of an iterator. You might have even used one and hadn't even known it. Iterators are a common tool in all sorts of languages from C++ and the STL to .NET to java and beyond. When you use an array and loop through it or manipulate its "internal pointer" from subscript 1 to subscript 2 you are manipulating the most...
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Interfacing with VB.NET

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Sure, you might have heard the term "interface" before in another language and yet not truly know what they mean by "a contract". Don't worry, you are not alone. Several books talk about interfaces with the term "contract" and never really explain what they mean by saying a class is bound by that contract. So lets...
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Add an Icon to the System Tray Using Java 6

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So you may have wondered "How do I get a nifty little icon in the system tray for my Java App?" and after 20 minutes of banging your head against the wall you got dizzy, fell down, and probably passed out to only wake up and forget what you were doing. Then you go on your merry way to play some Nintendo Wii Fit. Yeah right! We all...
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Plant a Node, make a Binary Tree Forest in C++!

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Once in awhile I really like to push the crazy and bizarre in the way of programming theory. Twist something mother nature made into a computer mutation that only a mad computer scientist would love. I fell upon the idea of creating a binary forest. What is that you ask? Well it is what I am calling a vector made up of binary trees. Each tree...

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