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Let's Get Animated in VB.NET!

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This isn't your rerun of Looney Tunes. Everything and anything that is simulating animation is hot in the world of programming. I guess it is because everyone is trying to mimic that wicked mid air desktop Tom Cruise uses in the movie Minority Report. All animated, all quick and fast, just add some user interaction and we are one step closer...
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Tips on Converting from Console to GUI

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One of the most daunting tasks for any beginner programmer is building a great console application and wanting to put it into a GUI, but don't know how. Even experts have trouble at times doing this because the design for the console application assumes output would go to one screen unless directed elsewhere. In this entry I provide a few tips...
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Microsoft Should Take A Look at Java

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I am sure some of us have stopped and thought "Is Microsoft really going in the right direction with its development languages?" and then you probably put your nose back into the compiler and continued coding, not giving it another thought. But wait a minute, perhaps you are right. Maybe we should take another look instead of just...
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Introduction to the Singleton Pattern in PHP

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Ok, what the hell is with all this talk about design patterns? The bookstore has books dedicated to the subject, experts in all the different computer language fields are talking about them, and how the hell does it make my programming life easier? The answers may be "They are gossips", "Authors have nothing else to write...
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Apply Formulas to Your Programming

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There has been a lot of instances where we here on DIC receive a question about a mathematical formula not working correctly in a program or script they are writing. How does one go about solving such a problem? Well, I will provide some great tips to get you started here on this entry of the Programmer's Underground!

<Ballet version...
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Test and Test Some More

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At the heart of programming is the test. Without a good test, nothing will work right. How often should you test and what should you test? We will cover a few topics in the world of testing and how you can make tests that tell you the most about what is going on with your programming... on this entry of the Programming Underground!

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Google Presentations...Office or Bust!

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So recently I tried the new Google Presentations, their version of Office's Powerpoint and I must say, I think it is pretty slick for being an online application. We will talk a bit about the new presentations application, what it might mean to programmers and what it means to the rest of the computing industry... in this entry of the...
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Let's Get Loopy... But Sensibly

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Looping is to programming like walking is to running from the cops... you don't want to exactly be slow or you might get busted! But how exactly do we improve our loops to increase performance? There are a few tips I can share on how to make that loop super charged so you can jump over the fence and laugh at the cop on the other side as he...
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Best Practice: Naming Conventions

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i = 0, j = k + t % rr ok? Do we even know what the heck that is saying? This is the kind of stuff programmers have to deal with when editing someone else's code. What do these things mean? As programmers we should strive to make code better than we found it. A keyword here is "Naming convention". We will explore what it means to have...
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Understanding JTables

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JTables... the Java swing component version of a datagrid used in .NET. It is often a misunderstood component by newbie Java programmers. In reality it is very easy to use once you understand the model behind it. Through the model you can manipulate the content of the JTable and make it bend to your will! Add that row! Delete that Row!...

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