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Go Go Google Gadget!

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Some of you may be old Google gadget pros. With a dozen or so of them on your fancy schmancy iGoogle page. You might have even wondered how one is made and if you are dedicated enough, you might have even made the "Hello World" example. But what if you wanted to make something simple enough to get the basics, but more than a simple...
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Eat up, Error Messages Are Good for You

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Error messages, we all hate them right? They are the little bugs that slap you in the face and say "Stupid, your code doesn't work! Do it all over again!" The last thing you need hours before an assignment or project is due is to get that lame error that stops you dead in your tracks. You know it is going to happen, so why...
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Variable Lifespan... It's Born, Used, and Dies

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Variable lifespan is a very important topic. But what is it and how do we use it to our advantage? A variable's lifespan is the time between its initialization and the time it either goes out of scope or is purposely destroyed (yeah that is right, a programmer can be a hitman too!) Most programmers don't fully realize the implications...
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Inside the World of Ciphers

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Ciphers, a great marvel of mathematics and secrecy. They are the very heart of encryption, but how do we bring this to the world of programming and make some kick ass stuff with them? I had gotten the idea of showing some ciphers through a recent question that had been brought up. So I thought I would throw out some code from the dark corners of...
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The Importance of Staying Fluent

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Many career programmers are lazy. Perhaps not with their code, but they can certainly be lazy in a company that makes them comfortable. I have a job that could certainly do that to me. Every day I am expected to work on the web in languages like PHP and ASP with a dash of Javascript here and there. But what about my knowledge of desktop...
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