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Counting Number Frequency In Java

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Over the past couple weeks I have noticed a lot of students asking questions about counting number frequencies. The student is often generating, or asked to take in input, and count how many times a series of numbers appear in the data. Sometimes they are given a file for the input and other times they are asked to take in numbers entered by the...
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Tricks for Getting Around the 'XMLHttpRequest Cannot Load' Security Limitation in JavaScript

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Some number of years ago web browser developers came up with the idea of allowing Javascript to pull data from other sites into a web page on-the-fly. That day AJAX was born! Short for Asynchronous Javascript and XML, this technology provided a mechanism for web pages to change their content without requiring the whole page...
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Serializing and Deserializing XML Through a URL Endpoint in C#

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Recently, at the company I worked for, I had to merge two very different web sites together. While both use C#, that is where they pretty much stopped in similarity. We were exploring ways to have them talk to one another very plainly and transmit only minimal amounts of data. One website was a store which was built around the idea of digital...
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Quick Tutorial: Building Menus Dynamically With the MenuStrip Control in C#

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One of the easiest ways to build a menu on Winforms is by simply dragging and dropping a MenuStrip control from the toolbox on your form and then go to town filling in menu text and attaching events. Most of the time this is the way to go and works for the majority of programs out there. What we will cover this time around is just a few examples...
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An Analogy Is Worth a Thousand Pictures

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The famous saying goes that "a picture is worth a thousand words" but when it comes to software development, an environment where you are expected to communicate with business people, I found the saying "an analogy is worth a thousand pictures" to be more applicable. Probably ever since the invention of the computer, those who...
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The Anatomy of Sliders and Scrollers

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Everywhere you go on the web you see some sort of slider or scrolling widget on the page. You see a lot of them on blogs advertising the latest posts, you see them on event pages showing shots of the audience and speakers and you even see them on software company homepages showing screenshots of the their latest software release. Sure you can get...
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Using Performance Counters in the C# Language

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At any given time the Windows operating system is tracking statistics for the system and many of the processes / applications that are currently running on it. Things like the number of processors, how many threads are executing, how often the CLR is in garbage collection, the number of I/O operations being performed etc are all tracked through...
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Creating A Custom YouTube "Sparkbar"

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I received a question about this a little while ago and I finally got around to making a blog post about it. The person was asking about making a custom YouTube percentage bar like the one you see on videos right above the thumbs up and thumbs down icons. Intrigued I looked at the code and boiled it down to something that perhaps you all could use...

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