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Installing Codeigniter framework on hosting tips.

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Codeigniter Framework, my new nemesis.

I have been learning to use Codeigniter for a few weeks now and decided to host a site on using it. I was excited I had a reasonably good site built in a few days. Then I wanted to show it off so I uploaded the site and that is when the trouble started. Codeigniter, if you didn't already know, is an MVC style framework where the M is not required. It is easy to learn and fast to setup.

Opps... back to the point,

After I uploaded the site I fired up my browser and typed in the address to my new toy. "Works great!", I thought after the main page loaded. I then began to click links...

Dum Dum Dum, my fears arise.


Page not found

So what do I do? Google search of course. This is what I found, hope it helps.



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