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Promotion to forum leader, how it feels.

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Let me start by saying, "Woo Hooooo".

Now with that behind me I can get to the point of this post. I have been getting more and more involved in the site (D.I.C) since my graduation from school. I have done this because I realized that my time in school compared to the money I spent was ridiculous. I was taught the minimum allowed with out repercussion, and charged for a full education. This is partly my fault for not trying to control my own education and just letting the content be enough. I thought that because the courses were easy for me that I didn't need to worry about expanding on the course content.

It became apparent, quickly after leaving the school, that I was not ready to work in the field of web programming. I had the fundamentals of programming and web development, but lacked the ability to problem solve. I then began to frequent D.I.C. more often.

I began by creating a project that contained problems I didn't know how to solve yet. Then I would design and build until I hit a wall. I would read post after post until I found the one that was closed to my problem then if that didn't work I would post a thread. I realized that this was making it easier to read a post and find the issue. This intrigued me to the point that I began to wake up and go directly to D.I.C. before even getting some [insert energy drink here] to wake me up. I began then to post answers to the questions I felt confident with, and this also helped to learn new concepts.

Then today when I got up I did my usual thing and logged on to D.I.C. This time not to read posts but to see if I got the top reputation points for the Javascript forum. I was surprised to find that I had a message asking me if I would like to join the forum leaders in the Javascript section as well as the Graphic Design section. I thought about this for what seemed to be an hour, it was like ten minutes, and asked myself if I wanted to dedicate myself to helping even more. I really was excited and I agreed to being a forum leader. I am still excited and hope that I can do a great job to help in keeping this site, in my opinion, the best development site around.

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