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New Extension Method for IList<T>: SafeInsert<T>

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DateTime Extension Methods: Floor, Ceiling, and Round

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I came across a thread at StackOverflow when I was looking for a good way to round DateTimes to the nearest given time frame. I thought these were great algorithms, so I modified them a bit to be extension mehtods. Here they are:

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Some new extension methods: For and ForEach

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I noticed that List<T> has a method called ForEach, that takes an Action<T> and applies it to all elements in the collection. This is not an extension method, it's part of List.

I wondered why it's not part of the LINQ Extension methods. The best I could come up with was that IEnumerables can be infinite, so a non-terminable...
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"It doesn't work." That's not good enough!

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Every one of us that reads these forums frequently sees this. You get a post explaining requirements, maybe some code, and then a variant on the phrase that makes my blood boil when no context is provided: "it doesn't work."

There's many variations on it:
"It has errors"
"It doesn't run"
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More extension methods: To and In. Also, a static class to make Sequences.

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Cross-posted from my Blog.

Without further ado, here's a static class I've been working on (code after the break):

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How we know you're not worth our time.

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Most of the people who answer questions on this site are professionals. We do this for a living. Most of us have put up with enough shit just from work that we won't hesitate for a second to ignore your question if you give us an excuse. That's not to say we're jerks, looking for reasons to ignore you; it means that we're not...

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