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Track views in your Ruby on Rails application with the Impressionist gem.

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Here's another quickie I wrote to my benefit - I have bad memory! This helps me remember things for the future. :)

We've all been there as web developers, how do I keep track of views? How many people have seen this profile page? How many people have viewed this car listing page? You have to take into account a lot of different bits...
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Ruby on Rails 4 - Authentication with Facebook and OmniAuth.

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I wrote an article showing you how to integrate Facebook authentication in your Ruby on Rails 4 website. Hopefully people find it useful as I've had to hunt from multiple sources on how to get this working on Rails 4.

Happy coding!
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DevOps for dummies - VPS Configuration from scratch - Rails, Nginx, PostgreSQL.

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Hi guys, just finished writing an article showing you how to set up an Ubuntu VPS from scratch for Ruby on Rails development.

Check it out here:

Hopefully it saves some of you some migraines when you're starting out.
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Dream.In.Code Badge Generator! Share your flair on your site or blog.

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This is a small weekend project I wrote after finding a Github badge generator online.

I thought, if Github has one, why not DreamInCode?

This was built using:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Nokogiri
  • Heroku
  • PostgreSQL

Check it out here:
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Action.IO - Devops is hard, let's go coding!

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Hello fellow DICheads!

Today I'm here to show you a website that will make your Rails/Node/Python/PHP dev experience much easier and fun.
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How to add a domain from NameCheap to your Heroku application.

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Since I was having trouble with this for the past three days, hopefully people find it useful when deploying the phenomenal Heroku platform.

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How to create a signature form for iPad and mobile devices using HTML5 and Canvas.

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Hey folks, today I was asked at work to create a terms of service form where users can sign using their finger. Since 100% of our users will use iPads (yes, really!) I can use the HTML5 canvas element and send IE to the hills.

Want to read how I did it?

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How to create a music player notification using HTML and CSS.

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Hey guys, since I'm starting a full UI position very soon, I thought I go through some awesome Dribbble posts and reconstruct them using HTML and CSS. Hopefully you guys find it useful. :)

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Deploying your MVC3 application for free using AppHarbor.

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Just posted something new on my blog. It's explains how to easily publish application on AppHarbor, for free. Heroku (but better) for the .NET world!

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The Pragmatic Bookshelf mega blowout sale - 40% off select Ruby on Rails books.

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The Pragmatic Bookshelf is having a mega sale this week on some of their select books.

If you're looking to diving into Ruby or Ruby on Rails you cannot go wrong with these books. I just bought myself: Agile Web Development With Rails for 14$! A steal!

Just thought I'd share with my fellow Ruby programmers on DIC (all 3 of...

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