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Creating a simple autocomplete texbtox using C# for Windows Forms.

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First let's create a table in our database that's called Person.

create table Person(PersonID int primary key identity(1,1),Name nvarchar(256))

Now drag a TextBox control to your design and change the AutoCompleteMode property. We'll be using the Suggest option.

Next, change the AutoCompleteSource...
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Using @font-face to give your websites slick modern looks.

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I'm going to show you a quick, fast, simple way to use to use custom fonts on your website.

First, create a simple HTML page.

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Does not starting with the database equate to programming on sand foundations?

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I recently landed a contract for building a complete system for a school here in Bolivia. I'm extremely happy! It's my second freelance project and I still don't have a feel for how long it takes me to complete something. I don't know my pace.

Well, I landed the contract on Monday 24, and I have to deliver this Monday!...
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Resetting a data input form.

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Have you ever had a form for pure data entry? Something like, registering a student, a note, whatever. Simple CRUD.

Using this method you can cleanly and quickly clear all of the written text and let's your users start on the form fresh. Useful if they want to quickly enter items.

So you would go:

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CouchDB Introductory Tutorial Part 1 Basics

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This will be the first tutorial in a series of tutorials Im going to writing regarding CouchDB.

In Part 1 of the tutorial series, Im going to give an introductory explanation of what CouchDB is.

What is CouchDB?...
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First time a programming book has made me laugh. Great read if you're an intermediate.

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I consider myself a pretty good programmer. Sure I might not be familiar with all of the fringe cases .NET has to offer, or most of the libraries available to me, but I'm not lost when someone asks me to do something and I'm also not ashamed to ask around for help.

I decided last night to finally pick Head First Design Patterns to brush...

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