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Want to learn ASP.Net MVC3?

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You can download the MVC Music Store from the CodePlex link up top. It's a ZIP that contains all of the files you need including a very complete, professionally written PDF guide.

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If you are interested in MVC but can't find a comprehensive guide to start, this will rock your socks off.

Includes subjects such as:

  • ASP.Net MVC 3 Templating
  • Data Annotations
  • Razor view engine syntax
  • Client-side validation
  • jQuery
  • AJAX Integration
  • How to build a site that browses, checkout, shopping cart and more.

When I say feature complete, I'm not kidding.

This is a fantastic resource that will really get you into the MVC mindset.

Are you a Webforms programmer, then be prepared to toss that ViewState fugly mess aside, MVC is here. :)

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Curtis Rutland 

28 April 2011 - 09:24 AM
They're really throwing their weight behind MVC. Microsoft has no problem switching horses mid-race, and I hope that they get behind MVC fully. WebForms is the past.

What's really bad though is there are still people using classic ASP and VBScript.
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