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Action.IO - Devops is hard, let's go coding!

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Hello fellow DICheads!

Today I'm here to show you a website that will make your Rails/Node/Python/PHP dev experience much easier and fun.


Action.IO is a platform that let's you write code and run code directly from your browser. You can even command things from a shell terminal - directly in your browser.

You 'provision' a 'box' with them, and they run some magic and presto, you have yourself a dev box up and running with Rails, Postgres, Memcache, etc. They have various 'recipes' that you can use to make a 'box. Want a PHP dev box, just select it. Same for Django, Node, and more.

I love Heroku, but one of it's major downsides for me is the lack of persistent storage. Sometimes you just need to be able to save files to the hard drive. Here's where Action.IO will shine.

You get the best of both worlds, Heroku's simplicity and a VPS flexibility.

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Watch this short video to see it in action and get the gist of it.

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