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First Interview for a HUGE internship

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So, unbeknownst to me, silly business communication classes do have their benefit. Two semesters ago, I was required to take a class geared towards networking your contacts to help make yourself visible to hiring companies. One assignment was to make a profile on a little site called I thought it was ridiculous to require something so trivial for a final assignment and walked away from that class with the easiest A of my life--I thought I had wasted 3 credit hours of my life.

A funny thing happened in July when I was contacted by a company(don't want to comment on who since I don't have the internship yet). Needless to say, they are a titan in their industry. Their HR representative chit chatted with me for close to 30 minutes, then said he would call back in Nov when they would begin looking at candidates. Who knew that silly little assignment put me on the map at all?

November rolled around and I hadn't heard a peep back from them so I tried calling the rep 3 times over the course of a month to check on the process and where I stood for the potential internship. Nothing. Then mid-December rolled around and a rep from the IT/CS department called me and interviewed me about some college research I've been working on as well as the languages I knew and what I was willing to learn. It wasn't technical, just a feeling of the waters of how easy I would be to work with. It sounds funny, but my hand was shaking uncontrollably while I was talking to him--I thought my chance had blown past me. Those who know me understand that I am a devout christian and I wondered why God would put such an opportunity in my lap just to take it away. as I have been many times before, He silenced me with an interview on Jan 23 at the main branch of the company.

Words cannot describe the excitement that I have for this potential experience before me. I've never had an interview of this sort where technical questions will be asked. Granted this is only an interview, but the company says it hires 99% of their interns after they graduate (3 semesters to go--WOOHOO). Any advice the older can offer me would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to mess this up!

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