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Wake-on-LAN Dongle

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Have you walked into your workplace/school and then realized that you forgot to take your files/memory stick or forgot to sync your files with a cloud storage service/whatever? I have run into situation where I really wished I could remotely start up my PC. Now I don't wish anymore...I just do it!

Say what?...
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JavaScript Patterns

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I've moved this entry to here.
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JavaScript, Prototype and Inheritance

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I've moved this article to here.
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HTML Parsing (again)

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I have previously posted a blog entry on HTML Parsing. The approach I took was to use swing HTMLEditorKit's SAX parser.
The overall objective was to get specific data from the HTML page (like getting all the links from the page).

The problem with the previous method...
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Building QMYSQL with MinGW

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This blog entry is now a D.I.C tutorial. Link.
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Exploring the Qt Library

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I spent the entire day trying out Qt and many of it's GUI features. I should say it is waaay better,cleaner and easier than GUI with windows API - even with all the wrapper classes/functions I had made for myself. In fact, Qt is a completely new GUI-concept for me. Pretty cool stuff.

I first went through this tutorial...
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An arduino,lcd and a soldering gun

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Many a times, fear, prevents you from exploring new fields of knowledge. Thinking about the consequences that might occur when you make a mistake...
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HTML Parsing with Java

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HTML Parsing using swing HTML Parser
Skeleton Program
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PDF Splitting

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Here are two freebies for PDF splitting/page extractor:
(1) pdfsam: Open source, has a lot of features, gives good PDF compression ratio, but unfortunately I couldn't further split an already-split PDF (which I did using the same software).
(2) PDF Split or Merge: Specialized at PDF splitting/merging, but the PDF generated is bloated. I...
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Computer science resources?

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Almost all forums has got a reference and resource list - like C++ forum got the 'C++ FAQ',C# got a 'C# reference list',Web development forum got 'Web Design Resources and Sites' and so on. How come computer science forum havn't got any?

Here are a few resources:
Academic earth...

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