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Exploring the Qt Library

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I spent the entire day trying out Qt and many of it's GUI features. I should say it is waaay better,cleaner and easier than GUI with windows API - even with all the wrapper classes/functions I had made for myself. In fact, Qt is a completely new GUI-concept for me. Pretty cool stuff.

I first went through this tutorial. I spent a lot of time trying to understand the internal functioning of SIGNAL,SLOT and a source code generator ,which comes between original source and the final compilation, called MOC - meta object compiler (read more).It still seems magical to me. The Qt developers have used some clever stuffs in there.

After playing with a little GUI, I ventured into the Phonon multimedia library. First step is to link the library files by adding Qt+=phonon to the .pro qmake file (took some time to figure that out). Then I spent the rest of my time on figuring out VideoWidget. It turned out quite good.
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That's it for today. Probably tomorrow I will look into SQL interfacing and data grid(QTableView I think).

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