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It's been a long time coming...

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Hey guys, as many of you know I am a web developer with strengths in CSS and front end development. For the longest time I have wanted a quick swatch library of PNG's at various alpha levels to use within my site. Since CSS3 displayed RGBA with opacity...
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DNS, a journey through ambiguity.

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So let me set the stage here, I'm a DNS newb; completely and utterly not the person to come to when it comes to understanding name servers and record types. Well, that was until last night when I had one of those amazing learning experiences where things just freakin' clicked.

I was setting up a dedicated server for a client because the...
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Datagrids, a run down.

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So I posted a topic asking the community what data grids they used and what they suggested. Ironically there wasn't as much chatter about this as I was expecting. Because of this I figured I would detail what a data-grid is and the current solutions available with their pros and cons.

What is a data-grid?...
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WordPress Plugin that creates Widget to Show DIC Friends

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So I was kind of bored over the holidays and wanted to play around with the DIC API so I created a WordPress plugin that creates a widget for you to list your friends on your blog. See some screen shots below.

See a live demo of it here.

Control Panel in Admin View

Image and Name View

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Putting the pieces together...

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I just wanted to give an update on my PHP framework (I hate using this word, as I don't intend for it to be a framework, more of a starting point; I digress) that I began taking snippets for over a month ago. After two weeks in Hawaii and a week of getting back to the cold of Alaska, I have continued the puzzle piecing.

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The Official, ehem, The Unofficial Dream in Code PHP Framework!

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Calling all PHP Programmers:

I will be putting together a PHP framework for all DIC users to use and help evolve. This framework will not be like ZEND and Cake, mainly because I want it light. I want it to be a couple of folders that the user can drop and get running. ...
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What are constants, and why should I use them? PHP

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Experience Level: 3/10 - 6/10

For this post lets assume that the project that you are undertaking is quite large and you plan on utilizing the MVC method of structure...
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