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Dealing with a "simple" Database system... Yeah Right!

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As many who actually care to follow this or find any delight in my posting "Simple" questions on the VB forums, you are then no stranger to my new found love of random access files. or any files that aren't associated with a recognized database handler, such as Access, SQL, DB or others... simply 'cause i just don't want to deal with them.

The funny thing is that i have since learned a great deal from working with these files. Namely that if you have the chance, or choice - don't... It is a great deal of work to build a system to work with files, and to get them to not explode on your system. I have found that the help provided here and on other locations (mostly for source code) has helped me gain a new found sense of insanity. I started a project recently where i was going to combine the files of three different applications into random access files. then using a dll file that i created, work with the information... And again if you have been watching the vb forums you will see the 80 or so posts about the long story of the blood sweat and tears.

New thing i have learned to save time...
Functions are your friend. Use them as much as you can!
Subs are not always the best option, see the above for better.
when you deal with data in variation of sizes, you should always pass them with functions.
You can send an array of strings to a function or sub...
Use functions!

with that said i have been working for the last few weeks on this project, and it is just now starting to form a shape that resembles a usable dll file... I have successfully added string cyphering to hide plain-text data that i don't want visible, used a function to find commas in a string returned from the dll from the random-access file... used that information to create and validate user log ins, in a more secure way than the ways presented in my other blog post. All and all i have to admit that getting into this i had not the foggiest idea of what i was getting into, But with the help of forum poster - Bob Rhodes i have gained a great deal of new knowledge which i feel some what compelled to share here.

Namely functions. Bob helped me to see the value of using functions in my dll file, after some strong cries and complaints, cursing, and the like i have grown quite fond of functions, how they work makes my life simple, and had i known about their power i would have been using them for a very long time, The function get passed a value, they process it and then return the value to the calling procedure. how i had been doing what a function does with subs was declaring public variables and string calling from sub to sub to process data.

After we were able to get over my ineptness with wanting to use subs, parts of my dll and application ideas started to mesh better... namely that i now am working on combining the applications as well as their files, which should create some more fun dialog with in the VB Forums, Please check them out!

more on this subject to come!

Jesse Fender

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