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XNA Three Week Challenge #1 Results!

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The results are finally in for the first XNA Three Week Challenge. Below is a link to the post in the XNA forum. I will not post anyone's projects on this site and will leave it up to the person who submitted each entry to determine whether they want to release their projects to anyone/everyone. Great job by those that participated, and I look...
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XNA Tutorial Series

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So I really want to write my own XNA tutorial series in the hopes that it will help others get past a few of the hurdles that I ran into when learning XNA. As always, finding free time to write these tutorials is the hard part, as I work full time, spend about 3 hours a day driving to and from work and have a wife soaking up my time. On top of...
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XNA 3 Week Challenge!

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Time is running out fast! I hope you're all really close to finishing. There's only 2 days left to submit! I will accept submissions all day Saturday the 5th until 11:59:59pm EST. For those who don't know the timezones, that's GMT - 5. Anything submitted after that point will not be eligible for judging for this challenge....
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XNA 3 Week Challenge

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So I finally got the time to write up a description of the first XNA 3 Week Challenge! Below is a link to the post in the XNA forum. I'm looking forward to everyone's submissions. Submissions are due by March 5th so start coding and lets see some games!

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Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, and Evolution, oh my!

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I've really been hooked on genetics and evolution lately and because of this I've found another article that I found very interesting and wanted to share with everyone. This one even includes source code that you can download and play around with. I haven't gotten a chance to crack this code open yet, but basically it's a Neural...
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Dream.Build.Play 2011

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With the annual Dream.Build.Play competition just on the horizon, my mind has been racing lately with tons of ideas for games that I'd really love to develop and submit. I've put off my other projects, other than the XNA Challenges that I have planned for DIC until I decide whether I want to flesh out some of these ideas that have been...
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XNA Challenge/Contest

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Just a quick post here about the upcoming XNA Challenges that I'm putting together. I will have an announcement this week about the first challenge with the description and requirements. The timeline on these challenges is going to be something similar to the following:

Week 1 - Announcement and Development - During this first week you should...
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XNA 3.1 to XNA 4.0 cheat sheet!

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I came across this wonderful little cheat sheet today while I was browsing the web during my lunch break. It's a cheat sheet for making the transition from XNA 3.1 to XNA 4.0. I know most people have already made the jump, but I'm still the stubborn fool in the back sitting in the dark, comfortable with 3.1. I'm going to make the move...
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Screenshots and Progress Report

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So I managed to get some time to work this weekend and I've made some decent progress. So far I have the most basic tile engine that just reads an array of integers which correspond to specific tiles. I have plans to completely change my tile engine to read the maps from files instead of having these massive blocks of arrays in my code...
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So after a little more time spent in photoshop, I've ripped a few tiles into 32x32 pixel images for a few of the tiles that I wanted. There are a ton of them left for me to rip, but at least I got enough to see what they will look like when tiled. For now I'm just using a 2d array of integers to keep track of which image needs to be placed...

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