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Tilesets and whatnot

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So last night while watching a movie with my wife, I spent some time browsing the web on the hunt for a tileset that I thought would fit my game nicely. Much to my surprise, I found not only a tileset, but a fairly large bundle of tilesets in one convenient downloadable RAR file! Tilesets for everything from grasslands and forests, to caves...
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Current Project

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Lately I've been working on getting some stuff together for a 8bit style RPG in XNA. I'm going to post some updates here from time to time including screenshots and a sort of a progress meter to keep goals in mind. So far I've been gathering sprites and since I've already got a working system for animating my sprites based on...
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Well, I logged in this morning to find that my tutorial on animated sprites in XNA had finally been approved after something like 3 weeks. Glad someone finally got around to looking at it. Here's a direct link to the tutorial, feel free to flood the thread with any questions.

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Wow, maybe I spend too much time online, maybe not. Either way, this is definitely the first post on my blog. So this is going to be a place where I post some interesting XNA stuff, including tutorials that I write, and possibly links to tutorials that others have written if I think they're worth a post on here. So for now, I don't have...

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