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Lately I've been working on getting some stuff together for a 8bit style RPG in XNA. I'm going to post some updates here from time to time including screenshots and a sort of a progress meter to keep goals in mind. So far I've been gathering sprites and since I've already got a working system for animating my sprites based on player input for character movement, I'm starting with that and building from there. I'll probably be implementing the tile engine from SixOfEleven's site XNA Game Programming Adventures. I just started working on an item system for the game as well.

Still to do:
Tile engine.
- More sprites, especially for monsters.
- Classes to inherit from my base class for each item type that will be in the game.
- Menu system to allow checking/setting current skills/spells for characters, checking status, etc.
- System to determine which enemies to spawn for random battles depending on which area of the game the player is currently in and throwing some randomness to it so you're not fighting the same layout of monster(s) over and over every time you fight in that area
- Character attributes and growth system based on experience gained from monsters and performing certain in-game tasks such as quests, etc.
- Dialog system that allows me to pre-determine what characters say when talked to
- Treasure system that allows me to choose which items spawn from chests that will be placed in some areas
- Logic for all skills and spells in the game
- Menu driven combat system
- Save/Load feature so players do not lose their progress
- Many other things yet to be considered...

Possibly still to do:
- Scratch the whole project and finally make the leap to XNA 4.0 and start over

So this should keep me busy for quite a long time as well as helping SixOfEleven with an open source GUI control project that he has started working on.

Screen shots will be posted once I feel there is something that is actually worth showing since right now there's a lot of behind the scenes work being done, but the only part that is actually visible right now are the animated sprites.

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