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Tilesets and whatnot

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So last night while watching a movie with my wife, I spent some time browsing the web on the hunt for a tileset that I thought would fit my game nicely. Much to my surprise, I found not only a tileset, but a fairly large bundle of tilesets in one convenient downloadable RAR file! Tilesets for everything from grasslands and forests, to caves and castles, snowy fields and lava filled caverns, and of course there are a few tilesets for towns/cities as well as castles. The Toolkit Zone is an awesome website where you can find resources for games. Most of them appear to be designed for RPG Maker XP or RPG Maker VX, but since the tilesets I got were in .png format rather than tst, I can easily edit them in Photoshop. I also got some battle backgrounds from the same site and I'm really looking forward to getting busy this weekend with the fun part of actually writing the code. I've never been an art guy, so when I have to go searching around for art assets that I can use, I just find it tedious and boring to an extent. I'd much rather spend my time writing code. So that's the only progress that I've made since my last entry, but then again it's only been a day. I still need to find some nice monster sprites where the monsters are facing to the right. Unfortunately, since most of the assets on The Toolkit Zone are for RPG Maker, the monsters are facing directly at the player, as if the battles take place in the first person view. If anyone out there that reads this is really good at pixel art and you think you might want to contribute, please let me know. That's really about it for now, hopefully I can have something worth taking a screenshot of at least sometime over the weekend.

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