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Screenshots and Progress Report

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So I managed to get some time to work this weekend and I've made some decent progress. So far I have the most basic tile engine that just reads an array of integers which correspond to specific tiles. I have plans to completely change my tile engine to read the maps from files instead of having these massive blocks of arrays in my code cluttering things, but for now it will just have to work. At least I can see what the tiles are going to look like. I've got random battles popping up which spawns a few enemies, simple commands for battle input, although they don't actually do anything just yet, and characters being drawn to the screen based on which characters are currently in the party and their position in the party. A couple of screen shots of the progress are attached to this post. I've still got a lot of work to do. I haven't even started work on any collision detection or combat mechanics. That can come later. That's it for now, but hopefully in another week I can have a much more extensive progress report.

Screenshot 1 is just a shot of the simple tile engine I mentioned above. Thanks to SixOfEleven for the basics in his tutorial.

Screenshot 2 is a glance at the combat engine so far. I don't have the character's stats listed yet, but that will be easy to add at any time.

Everything is still subject to change at any time.

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