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XNA Challenge/Contest

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Just a quick post here about the upcoming XNA Challenges that I'm putting together. I will have an announcement this week about the first challenge with the description and requirements. The timeline on these challenges is going to be something similar to the following:

Week 1 - Announcement and Development - During this first week you should gather as many resources as you can for the challenge and begin writing code
Week 2 - Submissions Begin - 7 days after the announcement, I will begin to accept submissions and will do so for 14 days. This gives people 21 days to create their game and submit it to me for judging.
Week 3 - Submissions End - See above.
Week 4 - Judging Session - During this period, I will not accept any more submissions and will judge each of the submissions, assuming there is enough time and I don't end up getting like 30 or more submissions then it might take longer. At the end of this week, I will announce the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners of the challenge. There will not be any prizes for these challenges but you will receive bragging rights.

I will add a new post to this blog at the start of each challenge as well as a post in the XNA forum. If you do not check the forums everyday, it might be a good idea to subscribe to this blog to get the latest information on the challenges. I'd hate for someone to not check the forums and start a challenge a few days behind everyone else.

I've already detailed my judging system in a post that I made Over Here.

I think that's it for now, but stay tuned for an announcement very soon, hopefully even today!

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