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An Intro to 52 Weeks of Code

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I have been gone from D.I.C for a long time, but always thought 52 Weeks of Code was a great idea. I am now dedicating a chunk of time in order to go through each of the already posted weeks and post code to prototype a new idea with that technology. I will be working my way back from the current #37 and see how many I can get done before mid December.

What is 52 Weeks of Code?
If you are from DIC you have no doubt seen the posts. Every week since the beginning of 2010, a new language/framework/technology has been posted with the challenge of creating something with it and posting that.

All weeks are posted here: http://www.dreaminco...-weeks-of-code/

Since I am playing catchup when the year is already almost over, I will be trying to average 3-4 "weeks" per week from now on, working my way backwards.

Onto my first entry - #37 XML

Completed Entries
#37 - XML - Parsing Google Buzz with Javascript

#36 - Java3D - Creating Simple 3D graphics with Java3D

#35 - Javascript - Generating a Procedural Maze and Drawing it on Canvas

#34 - SQL (in progress)

#33 - Groovy

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