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To Ping or Not To Ping

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Recently there was a question in the C# forum regarding creating a Ping utility so this got me to thinking about updating...
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Handling the dreaded cross-thread Exception

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Many times when working with Threading (whether it be a Thread, BackgroundWorker or any other kind of threading) you may run into the dreaded cross-thread exception. That is because you cannot access your GUI controls from a different thread without using one of many methods. In this posting we'll be taking a look at a couple different ways of...
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Stand on your own two feet .... at some point...

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In my time on Dream.In.Code (and trust me I've loved it here, and wouldn't change my "home" at any time) there is something that has always bothered me. Yes at Dream.In.Code we're there to help other programmers with their issues & problems (and sometimes to even spur ideas they may now have thought about), that's not...
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Fun with the Windows Recycle Bin Part I

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Recently I needed to interact with the Windows Recycle Bin for a utilities application I've been asked to create for a client, and from step 1 I knew I was in for a surprise. Since the recycle bin doesn't exactly exist...
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Mac vs PC ... and I'm getting tired of it

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For years now I have been forced to sit through countless commercials on how much better a Mac is than a PC. Well lets look at some stuff in a rational and non-biased ways. When it comes to a Mac, everything in it is created and maintained by Apple -> OS, hardware (CPU, memory, HDD, etc) so since Apple makes it all of course it's going to...
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52 Week Challenge - Week 4 - The Conclusion

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Here's mine in IronPython. It creates a Windows form loaded with all available fonts installed, then allows what that text looks like in various sizes.

This is really my first try wit IronPython so be nice loil

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Moving Windows 7 Installation to new HDD

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This came up because recently my wife bought herself a 500GB Western Digital HDD, and wanted Windows on the new drive, but didn't want to have to reinstall everything (a full format would also mean a re-installation of all her software as well. This just wasn't an acceptable option so I did some research on Backup & Restore with...
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52 Week Challenge - Week 4 - Day 2 The Decision

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Well for this challenge I have decided to create a font viewer with IronPython. It loads all installed fonts in the left hand ListBox and each time you select a new font the sample text in the TextBox on the right will display how that font looks. With this application you'll be able to change the font size & styles for previewing the...
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52 Week Challenge - Week 4 Python - Day 1

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I think I'm to chronically my entries in Dream.In.Code's 52 Weeks Of Programming Challenges. Given things (personal) that came up this will be my first real entry into one of the challenges. This weeks challenge is to use Python, you can find the exact details here.

So this gives me the excuse I needed to try out IronPython Studio...
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Use WMI & C# to get system's up-time

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Recently I needed the ability to get the systems up-time, no matter what system the application may be currently running on. After many hours on Bing I came to the conclusion that there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of ways to accomplish this. I chose using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) as I'm very familiar with the way...

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