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Get default browser & more in C#

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Recently there have been quite a few of the same question asked of me (and others on Dream.In.Code) and that's how, from their application, they can get the users default web browser, say for opening a support site or registration element, and open if from within their application (Valid question if you ask me as the application I'm...
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Alternating row colors in ListView - Option # 2

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In my last entry I gave a method for giving alternating row colors in a ListView control in C#, but it has some issues. Such as if you're loading your ListView with a BackgroundWorker (or some other threading component) it can cause issues so I went back to Adam's idea of using the DrawItem Event for the ListView. I came up with this (dis...
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Alternating row colors in ListView

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Recently I was looking for a solution to this quandary for an application I was working on. Based on this AdamSpeight2008...
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Image Scroller for Windows Application in C#

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Today we're going to look at making your own Image Scroller for a Windows application (Image Scroller is the best name I could come up with). I have this as a C# tutorial as well so you can see the screenshot of the control I'm taling about here...
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Compressing an image with C#

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Recently in the C# forum someone was asking how they would compress an image from ASP.NET, and I found this to be an interesting (and intriguing topic). So much so that I spent some time playing (and researching) to see what kind of solution I could come up with, so let's talk about that:

First you must have at least a working knowledge of...
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Setting up dual monitors in Ubuntu - ATI Cards

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In my last post I showed how to do dual monitors in Ubuntu with an NVIDIA card, now it;s time to give ATI equal press, so that's what this post will be dedicated to. Before doing anything you need to go to ATI's website...
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Setting up dual monitors in Ubuntu - NVIDIA Cards

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Recently I set up a dual boot system with Windows 7 and Ubuntu. For Ubuntu I used this tutorial using Wubi...
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Google has crossed the line

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Recently Google announced on their blog the use of personalized search even for non-logged in Google users, and it's a feature that you can opt out of (defaults to allow) even when not logged into my Google account...
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The Switch to Windows 7 - Day 5 (The Conclusion)

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Well this is now day 5 running the new Windows 7 OS, and this will probably be my last entry regarding the switch. I have to say that I am completely pleased with Microsoft’s new Operating System. It gives me the looks of Vista that I liked so much, while not requiring a “super computer” in order to run it properly. The glitches I have run into...
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Convert Generic to DataSet with Extension Method

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Recently there was a discussion in the C# Programmers...

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