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The Switch to Windows 7 - Day 3

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Well were now day 3 of using Windows 7 Ultimate (Retail, thank God for MSDN Subscriptions) and all is well. I left my system on yet another night but unfortunately I cannot give an update on system resources because while I slept Windows decided to run Windows Update and download some updates, all updates for my software such as Visual Studio...
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The Switch to Windows 7 - Day 2

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Well we're now in day 2 of the OS switch and all is great. I left my computer running overnight with a few programs open to see what would happen. The programs were:
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Visual Studio 2008 (2 instances)
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Firefox (with 8 tabs open)
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The Switch to Windows 7 - Day 1

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Today (09 AUG 09) I took the plunge into the world of Windows 7 (Retail of course) and first off I have to say that Im impressed with this new OS. The install was rather fast (faster than XP by far), and start to finish, counting my development software (with service packs) was less than 3 hours. So far its running great, and this is a pretty...
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How long is too long...

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Microsoft has recently announced that VB6 will not be supported in Windows versions after Windows 7. I for one think this is a long overdue action. Now in their defense, those who are upset with this announcement are normally stuck in schools that still teach this old language, and in a lot of schools the VB6 class is required in order to get your...
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Reading CSV file with LINQ in C#

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Recently the question was posed on how to read a CSV (delimited) file with C# and LINQ, so I thought this was a fun question, so I set out to see what kind of solution I could come up with. I decided to use LINQ for this task. I created an Extension method for the StreamReader class. This method takes a StreamReader...
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Use LINQ To XML to populate DropDownList

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Recently I had someone approach me with a question; They needed to load a DropDownList with all the states (abbreviations only) but didn't want to use SQL as an option for resource sake. The solution I came up with was to introduce them to LINQ To XML...
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Rationalization, how far is too far

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The Pirate Bay trial and news has sparked many a debate on the act of pirating and downloading pirated content, software, music and movies. I have sat and listened to people (well actually read their drivel) saying that the owners of The Pirate Bay didn't do anything wrong because they didn't actually pirate anything. This kind of logic...
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Microsoft .. Open Source .. In the same sentence?

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Yesterday, April 1, 2009, Scott Guthrie announced that Microsoft has released the source code for ASP.NET MVC 1.0.

Microsoft released the source code under their MS-PL (An OSI-Approved open source license), that some on SlashDot...
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Barack Obama, a man of change

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Well last night (24FEB09) our new President, Barack Obama, addressed Congress publicly for the first time. I could tell almost immediately that he was more addressing the American people than he was Congress, and he had some good things to say. I think last night's address was one of the best I have seen in my lifetime, and I have lived...
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PsychoCoder - The Deer Whisperer?

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Since I'm a member of the Wildlife Foundation here in Eastern Washington, I help feed the Whitetail population here in the Northeastern Mountains of Eastern Washington during hard Winters, like the one we're having now. We do this because when we get as much snow as we've gotten so far this Winter (over 90 inches and counting) the...

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