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The Switch to Windows 7 - Day 3

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Well we’re now day 3 of using Windows 7 Ultimate (Retail, thank God for MSDN Subscriptions) and all is well. I left my system on yet another night but unfortunately I cannot give an update on system resources because while I slept Windows decided to run Windows Update and download some updates, all updates for my software such as Visual Studio 2008, Office and such. Since it installed the updates it, of course, restarted the system, wiping out everything I was testing. Now to fid where to turn that off and only do it after asking me (Still a learning curve, but it’s getting better).

A comment was made after my Day 1 post stating that everything I was posting was “non-factual fluff”. Though that kind of stung a bit, it was posted by a *nix “fanboy”(No offense meant by this) so I would expect no less. Well he asked what I meant when I said on day 1 that my video card seems much better when I hadn’t tried anything requiring DirectX 10. Well here’s what I meant, it seems that with DirectX 11 (Yes Windows 7 installs 11 not 10) the colors on my monitor are sharper, the font crisper, and whether I’ve tried anything or not everything on the monitors looks crisper, clearer and cleaner. I can’t say 100% that this is because of the new OS, but I find it odd that it didn’t look this good with Windows XP.

When running Vista Ultimate my memory usage stayed right around 40% to 48%, and I have 8GB DDR2, with Windows 7 it has yet to top 25%, that’s quite an improvement from Windows Vista. The highest I could get with Windows Vista’s Performance Index was 5.7, with Windows 7 I am right at 7.1, yet another improvement over Windows Vista. As far as comparing to Windows XP, one of my “spare” systems is still running Windows XP and I timed opening Visual Studio 2008 on it versus my Windows 7. On the XP machine it was a little over 20 seconds before I could click inside VS 2008 and use it, with Windows 7 its right around 10 seconds until it’s fully open, another great improvement over past OS’s from Microsoft.

When I got up this morning I installed Doom III so I could test the gaming abilities of Windows 7 with DirectX 11, and all I can say is wow. I get an incredible frame rate (145FPS) with Windows 7 DirectX 11, versus 95FPS with Windows XP. The graphics are crisp and clear, the shadows and lighting are incredible, outstanding, even amazing. I didn’t even know DirectX 11 was released, I thought it would be 10 just like with Vista (DXDIAG shows the version as DirectX 11 so that’s all I have to go by). I can tell you that if you have a high-end video card then you will benefit from the new DirectX when playing games.

Stay tuned for my Day 4 update, but on day 3 I can still say that I’m 100% satisfied with my decision to make the jump to Windows 7.

EDIT: I was just informed that the performance index was changed from Vista to 7, something I wasn't aware of (I still run faster than I did with Vista)

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11 August 2009 - 11:17 AM
Again I didn't mean any offense, "fluff" was the general feeling I got from reading your posts. Also in your first post you were (perhaps unintentionally) talking about DirectX 10 (not 11)...

I'm glad to see some numbers this time around. That is a *huge* performance boost there with Doom 3, which is interesting because I'm fairly certain Doom 3 uses OpenGL for graphics (and DirectX for everything else). Even if Doom 3 is a Direct3D game, I don't see how it could possibly take advantage of DirectX10/11.

I highly doubt DirectX has anything to do with making your "colors sharper" and your "fonts crisper". I'm *not* making any comment about Windows 7 here as I have not tried it.

Software benchmarks aren't really comparable if you're doing them on different hardware. I'm sure your machines were fairly close, I just thought I'd point it out...

Edit: Just for clarification, by "posts" I mean your first two Windows 7 posts.


11 August 2009 - 06:57 PM
I don't quite understand how you have that high a memory consumption.

I'm stuck at 52% memory usage and I only have 3GB or RAM. Nevertheless, I have used Windows 7 RC and it is an improvement from Vista. I was going to buy 7 while it was at a reduced price but when I had the money it was too late. :(


12 August 2009 - 03:59 AM
Its good to know, from reading you posts thus far, that the new Windows is as faster and a great improvement. I use Windows XP on my upgradable Dual Core PC and XP still gives me some slow time.

I have Windows 7 RC installed and, well, still getting used to it. Haven't installed and tested any software on it yet. The only problem I experience thus far is that of trying to get into the Internet. Windows 7 Retail is not available as yet in my country.
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