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52 Week Challenge - Week 4 Python - Day 1

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I think I'm to chronically my entries in Dream.In.Code's 52 Weeks Of Programming Challenges. Given things (personal) that came up this will be my first real entry into one of the challenges. This weeks challenge is to use Python, you can find the exact details here.

So this gives me the excuse I needed to try out IronPython Studio (I'm hoping IronPython is ok for the challenge, if not there's no wasted time learning a new language anyways ;) ). Step one for me (and what this blog entry is dedicated to) is getting IronPython Studio installed and configured so we can start messing about with code tomorrow.

For installing IronPython Studio requires some prerequisites, and trust me there's a 99% change you'll need at least one of them. So go a head and open your browser (I hope you're not using IE, it's personal but Firefox is better lol :P ) and go download Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Shell (isolated mode) Redistributable Package (I didn't think I would need either so just ran the installer for IronPython Studio. Now make sure you have Visual Studio 2008 (Professional or Team Edition, Express Editions will not work)

Once the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Shell (isolated mode) Redistributable Package is downloaded and installed you need the next prerequisite, its Visual Studio 2008 SDK, so get that downloaded and installed, and as long as you have Visual Studio 2008 Professional or Team you should now be ready to install IronPython Studio, so run IronPythonStudioIsolated.msi and get everything installed.

If all went well you should be able to open IronPython Studio from your programs list and select the project type you wish to create.

That is step 1 in my series on week 4 of the Dream.In.Code 52 Weeks Of Programming Challenge. Between now and the next entry (hopefully tomorrow) I'll be generating some ideas of a project for the challenge (If my readers have some ideas they can feel free to share them). Thanks for reading :)

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