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C# 4.0 Coming : New Features - 64-Bit Support & Background Garbage Collection

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In my first entry we looked at Named & Optional parameters, and in my second entry we looked at Parallel programming, ow in my third entry on the upcoming release of C# 4.0 we'll look at 64-Bit support and improved garbage collection.

64-Bit Operating Systems & 64-Bit Process Support

With the new features of 4.0 being many, all important in their own right, the next one we will take a look at is 64-Bit Operating Systems & Processes support. Before this you were required to read registry keys to see if the key contained Wow6432Node before you could tell you were dealing with a 64-Bit OS, ans even more work find out if you were dealing with a 64-Bit process, but Microsoft has changed that.

You can now identify 64-Bit operating systems and processes with the Environment.Is64BitOperatingSystem Property and finding out if a process is 64-Bit is easier by using the new Environment.Is64BitProcess Property.

This is a huge addition to the Framework given that the number of 64-Bit operating systems are trying to outnumber the 32-Bit. You can specify a 32-Bit or 64-bit view of the registry with the Microsoft.Win32.RegistryView enumeration when you open base keys.

Garbage Collection

The .NET Framework 4 provides background garbage collection. This replaces concurrent garbage collection in previous versions and provides better performance. For more information on the new Garbage Collection take a look here on MDSN. Here's an incerpt from what they have to say about the new background garbage collection:


In background garbage collection, ephemeral generations (0 and 1) are collected as needed while the collection of generation 2 is in progress. There is no setting for background garbage collection; it is automatically enabled with concurrent garbage collection. Background garbage collection is a replacement for concurrent garbage collection. As with concurrent garbage collection, background garbage collection is performed on a dedicated thread and is applicable only to generation 2 collections.

So Microsoft is expecting to see marked improvements in .Net Garbage Collection, to help you, the developer, the one on the front line making applications, with C#, for your clients and employers.

Ok we have covered 5 of the biggest new features with the upcoming release of C# 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010, We have 2 days until it's release so stay tuned for my next entry tomorrow: April 11, 2010.

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