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Visual Studio 2010 & C# 4.0 Released to the world

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Well as all you .Net developers out there know C# 4.0 Well .Net 4.0) and Visual Studio 2010 were released to the public today (took them long enough I might add, and with the anticipation increased by their maintenance Sunday night into Monday morning). I took the time on my little DSL line to download the 2.3GB ISO file from Microsoft, and in my opinion it was more than worth the wait.

I remember going from 1.0 to 2.0, that was a big change with some nice features added, and from 2.0 to 3.0 was even bigger, with even more new features, but the new toys in 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 are actually more than the other releases combined, and I couldn't be more happy with what they have done.

I'll start with Visual Studio 2010, well because I've blogged the past week about C# 4.0 so I'm pretty sure my readers know what is in store for them. The UI for Visual Studio 2010 was completely re-done, using WPF I believe, but the newness goes far deeper than the UI. There are so many new features in Visual Studio 2010 I could probably go on for days about it, but I assure you I wont (well at least not in this entry anyways) so I'll just cover some of the ones that I feel are the biggest, so let's begin:

ALM (Application Lifecycle Management
The ALM tools built into the Ultimate version will help all companies, of all sizes, effectively collaborate on projects (at all levels), giving them a true, realistic vision into what's really going on in the development such as status, time-lines, deadlines and more. I've worked for companies that had dozens of developers on a single project, each barely knowing what the other was doing and this sure would have been nice to have then.

This goes deeper than their Team Studio, this is way more in-depth and should, in the long run help companies decrease the cost of development by being able to streamline the entire development process.

IntelliTrace, Debugging & Diagnostics

Visual Studio 2010 introduces a new debugging tool called IntelliTrace, which will go a long way towards eliminating the no-repro conversation that is constantly happening. You know the one, a user (or QC) reports a bug but no one on the development team can reproduce it, thus making it worse than finding a needle in a haystack. With IntelliTrace your testers can file rich actionable bugs that can be easily reproduced whenever they need be.

Another feature is Static Code Analysis is integrated into Visual Studio 2019. Others include code metrics & profiling that when used (let's get real not everyone uses these kinds of tools but they really should. They can save so much time and effort of developers would just learn them and use them religiously, ok rant over) can help keep the development process streamlined and on task thus speeding up the overall development process.

Testing Tools

Visual Studio 2010 is loaded with tons of testing tools to ensure that you are delivering a high quality product each and ever time you release something. One very useful one is Coded UI Testing where you can create automated tests of the UI and it's functionality, saving you hours of manual testing. In Visual Studio 2010 there are even tons of new testing features,including Web performance testing, load testing, and code coverage.

Development Platform Support

With Visual Studio 2010 you can create your perfect application on a number of different platforms including Windows, Web, Windows Server, Cloud, Office, SharePoint and more, all in the same IDE.

InstallShield LE Integration

Visual Studio has gone away from the setup packages available in older versions of Visual Studio and have integrated InstallShield LE right into the IDE. You enable the feature, download the software and provide the serial sent from the company and InstallShield opens right in the Visual Studio IDE, giving us more robust (in my opinion) and cleaner isntallation packages for our clients.

So all in all I think Microsoft hit this one out of the park, in my opinion it's the best release since the inception of the .Net technology came to life so may years ago. Keep your eyes and ears out on my blog because in the coming days I'll be blogging about more of my experience with this great IDE and Framework as I get deeper and deeper into it. Thanks for reading and happy coding!

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12 April 2010 - 11:43 PM
all is well


14 April 2010 - 08:47 AM
I should really learn how to use all these extra features instead of just the compiler, linker, and debugger. I don't use C# myself but I use Visual Studio often.

I mean, when my MSDNAA gives me a free professional MSVS version to download when it's priced insanely high I kind of want to actually use the other hundreds of dollars worth in the product.
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