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Effecitve learning techniques: How to learn complex stuff quickly

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Hello, World!

I have always wanted to figure out the best way to learn new complex things quickly. This is my attempt to do just that. I will list out the methods I'm going to try, exactly what I will be learning, what learning resources I will use and any results I have seen from them. I encourage you to follow along with me and post comments along the way to let me know if these methods work for you. Embarking on this journey will require sacrifice and discipline but it will be well worth it in the end.

First Steps
I realize that there is a lot I need to learn, too much to justify the liberal use of TV or Games. I'm not saying to throw away your xBox and TV just commit to not spending 6 hours a day in front of them.

For me distractions are games, for you it might be different, maybe it's Facebook or some instant messaging program you use only for idle chitchat with friends. Find out the thing(s) that are loaded on your machine that will cause you to not study and get rid of them. This is a big sacrifice for most but I think it will be well worth the investment.

Diet and Exercise will help you in all aspects of life including learning.. You don't need to strive to be a body builder or an athlete but try to get into a healthier groove.. My routine is this, Whey protein shake for breakfast, salad with meat(usually turkey) for lunch and something healthy for dinner like Salmon or a tuna fish salad.As for exercise I do pushups, pullups, situps, use an ab roller wheel I bought and I have stairs and an elliptical machine. I spend about 20 minutes a day on the elliptical and another 40 or so minutes doing sets of pushups, pullups etc... All in all about an hour a day.

Finding continuous amounts of time to study is NOT easy at all for me and for most. I am a father of 2, both of my sons have been diagnosed with disorders placing them on the autism spectrum and it's not always easy to get uninterrupted time to study.. or do anything else for that matter. Make sure that if you have a family that needs you don't be afraid to stop studying to help out. Most of my time will be spent in short study bursts so my techniques will be geared toward making small components of knowledge to be learned individually and in short bursts. This way if you have lots of time to spend great while if you're like me and you don't it will still work for you.

On with the method: Challenge #1 mastering vim
vim is something I have always wanted to learn and master well now it the time no more excuses. For vi I will try using 3 different things to learn a small set of topics in vi. 1)I will find a video resource.. more likely than not this sill usually be youtube.. 2)I will find a reading resource by googleing for it and 3)I will actually use vim :)


I found these videos on youtube for vim

Lab Practice
As I am reading and doing the videos I will be experimenting with VIM.
I am on a Windows 7 machine right now with VMWare installed and I have gVIM installed as well you can get it from here another option is cygwin.

I'm going to start off by watching the first video then reading the first 4 sections of the vim tutorial. I'm going to take it section by section one at a time. I'll report back later to let you know how it goes!

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