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Crawler is going to be getting a backend

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Lately I have been going through a rather large push to do three things. Index as much of the web as I can with 1 50mb/s connection, parse the content and make it searchable, and create a nice back-end for these operations. Thus far the project is going quite nicely. I had to move away from a hosting provider and start hosting the crawler from...
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The Web Crawler

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In 2004 I started a project on a search engine but I have thus far closed down the project due to a lack of content that I have to search through. It did crawl a page but it wouldn't index the links or check through them at a later date. Recently I started working on a web crawler that goes though a page, copy the links, store them into the...
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I'm Building a New Computer

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For Christmas I received a Asus Sabertooth X58 and the first thing that went through my mind was "oh (insert dirty word). What is this going to cost me?" And fortunately it didn't actually cost that much. It is amazing what you can purchase for $1200. The build list currently looks like this.
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