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I'm Building a New Computer

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For Christmas I received a Asus Sabertooth X58 and the first thing that went through my mind was "oh (insert dirty word). What is this going to cost me?" And fortunately it didn't actually cost that much. It is amazing what you can purchase for $1200. The build list currently looks like this.
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Asus Sabertooth X58 - This motherboard was given as a gift from the father and I was given the option to switch to something else but it was what I had my eyes on for a system build so I ended up being more then happy with it. The board will of course support SLI with the 3X PCI-E 16 slots that it has.Price: Free!

i7 950 - The heart and soul of the computer that will soon be built has four cores that are hyper-threaded putting out 3.08 GHz of speed. This chip requires an X58 style of board and takes a 1366 socket; standard among the i7 line up.Price: $305

12GB OCZ Gold 3X 4GB sticks - I originally was thinking about maxing all 6 slots on the motherboard with 24 GB of ram but then thought that I won't be able to use that much memory and it would just be a waste of money at the moment and thus I decided to stick with 12 and there is always the option to fill the gap if/when I feel the need to.Price: $175

2x MSI Geforce 460 GTX hawk OC 1GB 780MHZ - Yeah, that's right. When given the opportunity to put two video cards into a computer... You put two video cards into a computer. These cards are going to rip through bad company two and pretty much anything else that I care to throw at it. Price: $535

Now we are going to get a little less interesting since the following components consist of drives, case and cooling.

60GB Vertex 2 SSD - This drive is amazingly quick and will be the new host of my operating system. The plan is to run the OS and maybe 1 or 2 games from this drive. Everything else is going to be stored on a... Price: $99

1TB Western Digital Black - This is one of the fastest drives that western digital makes and I would naturally go for the option of getting myself into a 2TB because the read and write speeds are actually faster but I do plan on striping this and a twin drive down the road if I feel that the it is impacting performance. Price: $99

2X 1.5 TB Western Digital Green - These are simply for mass storage of images and video since photography is a hobby. It sounds a little ridiculous but when you take into consideration that it is easy to leave the ski hill with 5000 shots in a day and each photo is 10-16 MB (pending on compression and size) it is easy to see how it can get out of hand. Price: 109.99 (already own one)

A50 Corsair CPU Heatsink - This is the smaller in the series of heat sinks and the reason for purchasing was that it was on for about 50% off. I don't plan on overclocking the CPU right off the bat and even if I do the 950 can be pushed to 4.0 GHz on the stock cooler never mind having one such as the A50. If I do feel that I need an upgrade then I will simply spend the 70-90$ and purchase either the H50 or H70 and put the CPU on water. Price: $34

Cooler Master 370 - A simple case that is big enough for what I want. It has tool-less drive bays and an awesome room for added fans. The case only comes with one 120mm fan but there is room for a 120/140mm fan on the front, 2x 120mm fans on the side, another 2 120mm fans on the top, one fan on the back and another fan slot on the bottom holding any size from 80-120mm. The only problem with the case is a lack of cable management but it is what you would expect for a case that was $35 regular $59.99. Price: $35

700 Watt OCZ Pro - This power supply offers a decent wattage that operates at 80 plus, 82% efficiency to be exact, which is just what I needed inside of my new rig. Anything above 700 would be over kill in my opinion, even with SLI running.Price: $99

There is only one that that I did not mention which is a DVD drive. I did purchase one that came to the high price of 13.99. Off the top of my head I believe it is a Samsung and any more information will make you want to off yourself. The only thing that I do need to purchase still is a set of case fans. Currently I can purchase a pack of 4 120mm fans for 49.99 and I may just have to do that after I finish up with this. Price: $13.99

Soon to come:
1. Pictures of the build
2. Benchmark statistics
3. (possibly) OC Benchmark Statistics

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15 January 2011 - 08:06 PM
All I can say is.. That's one heck of a machine!


16 January 2011 - 12:58 PM
Wow. I'm jealous. Even though I'm a fan of AMD.


19 January 2011 - 07:49 PM
I was an amd fan boy in fact my old desktop runs a 3200 hammer processor which is about 7 years old. It is still going strong and that old system can run fallout 3 on low but still it runs it at around 15 FPS. The new system runs it on max at about 32 fps.(I haven't received the second gpu yet nor have I over clocked.)
Next blog is going to talk about issues I had with the build and a few components. There may be a video included.
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