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Eye Strain and Gunnar glasses

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I've been noticing a very annoying twitch under my right eye. I use to think it was just a stress-reaction, but I'm really not very stressed. I make it a point to keep myself fairly relaxed on a given day. A little research informed me that this can be caused due to eye strain and that it's particularly common among people who work on computers... I'm only on my PC for 9ish hour a day, that can't be it!!

I remembered that I had a pair of silver Gunnar glasses. Despite the fact that I look like a 1980's Sven when I wear them, I decided to bring them to work. After laughing about my ridiculous looking glasses, I actually did use them for the rest of the day. I've never worn glasses (aside from shadez) before. They rode high on my face and the metal frames were difficult to bend and adjust appropriately. Rather than risk breaking them, I just accepted that they rode a little high. On a side note, it says a lot about your coworkers that they'll only jab you in the ribs a little over looking ridiculous :)

After wearing them for a day, I noticed that there was a tiny bit of magnification, and it did cause my head to feel a little funny. It didn't bother me much though. Unfortunately, it seems my father's dog didn't care for the glasses either; she destroyed them this morning. I might get another pair, but I'm hoping I can find a pair that looks more like reading glasses. Trying to have 'cool looking computer glasses' just doesn't work.

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