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All the fury of hell, conveniently packed into one tidy, little weekend

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Saturday was my birthday. I turned a whopping 33. Let us observe a moment of silence in solemn remembrance of my lost youth.

Saturday was also my kids' big AYSO season opener soccer tournament. Their father was there, too. Which means I got to experience the euphoric joy of spending five solid hours of family time with the man I loathe...
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The Loss of Wisdom

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I am off work today. It's a vacation day/sick day/personal day thing.

I had an appointment at 8:00 this morning.

With the Dentist of Doom.

Last winter, he extracted three of my wisdom teeth, but I was still holding on to the fourth; clinging in desperation to that last little piece of dental proof of adulthood, that last fragment of...
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Mad Lib von Ruby

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It is currently 3:48pm EST.

At approximately 1:15pm EST today, I started teaching myself Ruby.

Two and a half hours later, I submitted a Mad Lib program to the Week 5 challenge of the 52 Weeks of Code thing we got going on. Is it ugly? Yup. Is it rudimentary? You know it. Is the formatting absolute crap? Indeed it is. Does it work? ...
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The Cougar Calculator

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Now that I have a bit of downtime at work, I've opted to use said time to participate in some of the 52 Weeks of Code challenges I've missed out on in the last few months. First up: Week 22 - the PHP challenge.

In my whopping hour of free time this morning, I whipped up a little generator to determine if any given user may or may not be...
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... commencing countdown, engines on ...

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.... and we have lift-off!...
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Adventures in Teaching: Session 3

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... and now, the thrilling conclusion of our neurotic instructor series!

Last Thursday marked the third and final two-hour session of my continuing education course on online business promotion.

I had worked up three case studies - using actual, big-money clients from my days coding in the corporate world - one focusing on an extreme...
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Adventures in Teaching: Session 2

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At KYA's request, I am doing a short series on a course I am teaching, Promoting Your Business Online. I am sorry to say this week was not quite as enthralling as last week. We covered the meat and potatoes of SEO, online advertising and social networking, but my students were much more engaged in last week's Brief History of the...
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Security: Learning the Hard Way

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Last Thursday - as mentioned in my last post - I spent my morning teaching a class. When I returned to my office, I found 12 missed phone calls, 8 voicemails, 24 emails and 3 Post-it notes. Our web forms were under attack. The Admissions Office and Career Services Office had been hit hard with over 1,000 emails each overnight.

The emails were...
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Adventures in Teaching

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Yesterday was the official first day of my stint as a post-secondary instructor. I am teaching a course about online marketing and SEO for the Continuing Education department.

It had been a full seven years since I last stood in the front of a classroom and my nerves had the better of me. I gnawed off every single one of my fingernails on the...
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Twitter API Applied

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My project for Week 3 of the 52 Weeks of Code Challenge - a simple Twitter status update application.

The interface:

The main code:

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