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5 Years

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I have no hopes for the future. Once I was hopeful of it, 5 years ago when I got out of college, already working because I got hired before graduation. I thought I would just let my contract expire and be off to greener pastures.

Everything started out well. I was provided with great trainings school did not give me, and I felt I was prepared to...
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Stagnant Pool

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Well, it's past two years and I don't think my life has gone any better. I'm still doing the same things and I'm not learning anything new. I don't know what to do. Let's sing a song. A is for take on me, don't you forget about the streets with no name.
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Countdown to Failure

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These past days:
I was confident that I have finished all my tasks, so I spent some time learning about new stuff. Everything is alright in the universe.

The person where I get the requirements for is on leave. No worries. I finished everything that needs finishing days ago.

Whaaat? I see an email where there are new...
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Are you the Librarian?

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I've always marveled at the experts posting stuff about libraries on help sites. "You use this module's method to do this, and etc etc" + <post magical code> = awed reader. I wonder, does this come from experience, from learning the library's documentation, both, Google, or just plain intuition?

I'm ramping up my...
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"Here's a Crutch, We're Crippling You."

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Have you ever been in a working environment where you can't use everything you think will be good for your disposal? It definitely hurts right?

Simple, free programs that will give you additional time to worry on something more important that doing grunt work, but you're being forbidden to use them.

What is this? Why is this happening?...
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Slowly Paying Off

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One of my previous posts is about my setting up of a Wordpress account, and slowly, I'm seeing good things unfold slowly but surely. I hooked up my Twitter account to my programming and etc blogs, and now I have a follower! I just have to keep up writing new content everyday, and I'll surely build my empire. Haha. Well, fools can...
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I've been using Sublime Text for a week now and I'm seriously thinking of buying a personal license. What I like about it:

- Very simple user interface, not like Notepad++ spartan look.
- When I'm coding in Python, I use the Python cmd so for longer code I use a text editor and paste it in the cmd. Before, using Notepad++ I get...
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All or Nothing in December

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This December, I'm planning to buy a computer or a laptop. My budget is pretty low, if it exists, and I want to buy something for development. I need to buy one so that when I go home I can do my own projects and increase my learning by a considerable amount. This is all for anticipation of something. (Guess?)

Right now, I'm planning to...
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On Writing

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It was sometime earlier I thought of writing stuff on blogs everyday. Just one post per day. What is the purpose of this? Well, I could think of a couple of reasons:

1. Keep my interest in writing alive.
2. Create a good online presence.
3. Looks like a diary. I always laugh when I see the juvenile stuff I wrote back in high school and...
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Java Lied

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I'm currently on "Providing Constructors for Your Classes" under "Classes and Objects in the Java Tutorials, and so far I've learned quite a few new stuff that I didn't know before. You might be tempted and say "I know this topic, so I'll skip this one." but don't do that! You might find out...

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