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Hammer Time!

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Whew, I almost got the banhammer today. Fortunately, I was given a second chance to redeem myself.

The reason

I was offline for about 10 hours or so, and God only knows what transpired in the minds of the judge, but they deemed it fit to give me a second chance. I quickly grabbed the opportunity to read the Terms Of Use. Yeah, I'm guilty of just clicking "I Agree". Don't give me that face. I know you didn't read it too. Well, if you did, kudos to you. ^^

So here's some stuff I learned, in a list:

- Do not create duplicate accounts
- DIC is not the congress
- We can be banned anytime without any reason
- Upon being banned if you continue to create new accounts and bombard DIC the IP would be banned
- DIC could press criminal charges against you, and make you cease to exist, I mean desist
- No foul words
- No spamming
- No flaming
- Anything put upon this site is now usable by DIC in anyway they see fit
- DIC can force us to reveal our identity if it needs be
- The TOS is not boring to read, don't be fooled by its look
- Admins won't respond to you when you're banned, unless you have a past fling with one of them
- DIC is not the congress

There! I've read the TOS, and I can say I agree now, truly and wholeheartedly.

This post serves as a guide to some of the rules of DIC, but to be sure, read the freaking TOS! Now! Have a clean conscience.

That's it, whew! Thanks for giving me a second chance DIC, I won't ever make the same mistake again.

I have to wonder though, why TOS when it's called "Terms of Use"?



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19 October 2011 - 08:28 AM
Didn't you just admit that you create a second account, thus violating the TOS you are just professed to everyone about? DOH!

Curtis Rutland 

19 October 2011 - 09:01 AM
Not really much of a "gotcha", Adam, considering this is a mea culpa.


24 October 2011 - 09:58 PM
Yeah, it was an honest mistake. Thanks for understanding Curtis dude! I hope everyone that read this post would read the TOS. ^^
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