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Forever In Electric Dreams

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I have lots of stuff I want to create and do but I can't do them, just because of one reason: I don't own a PC. Yeah, it may seem trivial to some of you readers. Some of you might even say "Why not just get one?". Well, I'm dirt poor, so I can't really buy that. I can't even buy new clothes! I even wonder sometimes how I graduated from IT in college without owning a PC.

Anyway, the project I had in mind is an AllMusic app for Android. I love AllMusic! What is AllMusic? It is only the Wikipedia of Music! I fell in love ever since I stumbled across the site. One major caveat with this site though is it doesn't have an app. This site screams for an app! Now, on their site they said their API is available so I would really like to create an app for it. One big problem though.

I don't know how to create Android apps.

That's a big hurdle. I know myself that I can do it, but the problem is with resources. I can't do this thing at work. If I buy a PC, I'll bet I'll learn tons of stuff and create tons of stuff too. I'm not thinking of this as some pipe dream; I know this will happen.

I'm hoping I can finally buy a PC this Christmas, but I don't want to make plans as I always jinx them.

Aaaaaand. I hope. Hope springs eternal? ^^

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