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DIC Forgotten Threads - Is God Real?

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From this day onward I'll try to summarize some threads here in DIC, mostly closed threads. With threads being closed one after the other due to heated arguments and discussion value, it is time consuming to read through all the threads here, and to tell you the truth, most of them are amusing, and maybe you'll learn stuff about the members here too.

First off! The ever controversial topic Is God Real?

1. The topic spans 23 pages. Now I know who the atheists and believers are here in DIC.
2. Along this thread, KYA, The Believer fought against The Non - Believer(?),in an epic multi - page battle!
3. The Flying Spaghetti Monster found it's own followers.
4. Well, I don't know why but more non - believers screamed for the thread to be closed.
5. Someone posted a story that goes a friend got in an accident and she where she dreamed she met her dead dog in a beautiful green field then the dog turned into maggots when it got to her and then she came back to this world. Story about seeing heaven? Well, she overdosed from drugs...

I guess that's it.

Till next time! ^^

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